In honor of man’s best friend and the universal symbol of positivity and cuteness, premier animal psychic Nancy Mello, Shares pet owners’ best ways to celebrate National Puppy Day on March 23, 2022.

National Puppy Day was established in 2006 by pet activist, pet lifestyle expert, animal behaviorist, and author Colleen Paige. Paige launched this day to celebrate the four-legged creatures that have permanently etched their paws in hearts everywhere and create awareness for, and implore persons to adopt puppies.

With the 2022 festivities right around the corner, world-renowned animal communicator Nancy Mello shares five tips and best practices for pet owners to make the best of National Puppy Day.

Mello, an active advocate of pet rescue shelters and pet adoption, implores those to donate to rescue shelters on National Puppy Day. She encourages pet lovers to contribute to a local rescue group or organization, so they may be able to see their donation go to work.

Many rescue organizations have wish lists they post or publicize. According to Mello, this is a terrific way to commemorate a day that was initially heavily focused on pet rescue and adoption.

Walks should be a regular part of a dog’s routine. However, on National Puppy Day, Nancy suggests that owners of canine companions should consider taking their dogs for an extra-long walk. As a big believer in always keeping animals happy, Nancy also offers that owners speak to puppies lovingly, like they are toddlers.

Owners can start by pointing out the sights and smells of the environment. Little things like pointing out the buds on the flowers or new street signs can strengthen the owner and canine bond.

Adopting a dog provides them with a home and frees up much-needed space to help another animal. For individuals who adopted their puppies, giving the rescue group a shoutout on social media, or tagging them in a post is an excellent way to show appreciation, according to Mello. If social media isn’t a mode, you’re comfortable with, sending an email with an update and a photo will suffice. It will make the rescue’s day to read.

Nancy Mello shares that another fantastic way to celebrate a day dedicated to puppies is to ensure their health is in tip-top condition. Owners could take some time off on the day to contact the puppy’s veterinarian and check that the canine is up to date on all necessary vaccinations. Furthermore, puppy owners can use this opportunity to schedule an appointment for a check-up, especially if one has been overdue. Puppies are a part of families, and their health is equally as important as any other family member.

To say puppies love to play is a gross understatement. Puppies, though small, come complete with an unending wellspring of energy just waiting to unleash. While regular playtime provides an outlet, on March 23, Nancy Mello suggests that owners initiate some extra playtime. Consider including the pup’s favorite toy or take a trip to the pet store and get a brand-new toy. Either way, put down the devices, clear the daily schedule, and play.

About Nancy Mello

Mello is a prominent pet communicator and medium who has dedicated her skills to bridging the communication gap between owners and pets. She has garnered a reputation for helping individuals communicate with pets that have passed and have assisted in locating ninety-nine missing pets since 2020.

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