Over 85% of India Inc. agrees that employee engagement are crucial in employee retention

Genius Consultants Limited is an established key player in the HR Solutions industry in India.

Genius Consultants Ltd., one of India’s largest recruitment and staffing service companies, recently conducted a Digipoll survey on “Employee Engagement, Employee Mobility and its impact on Employee Retention”.

An overwhelming 85% of India Inc believe that employee engagement activities are crucial in employee retention as it ensures that employees are at ease with their jobs and co-workers, increasing their trust in the workplace culture and decreasing the attrition rate.

According to the nationwide survey, 83% of 891 participants agree that employee engagement programs are one of the crucial key factors for achieving high performance from employees in the organization.

In the opinion of more than 85% of participants, employee engagement is significantly impacted by career mobility programs.

Re-structuring the organizational constitution to provide deserving promotions could also work as a strong morale boost.

Additionally, discussing career trajectories with employees and assisting them in achieving these goals also increases employee engagement and encourages them to stay with the company longer because they feel like their careers are progressing.

89% of participants have voiced that Employee Engagement activities contribute to developing employee loyalty and organizational commitment.

The survey also reveals that individuals who are devoted to their organization and engaged at work are happier and prouder than their employer, which impels on-the-job performance.

40% of respondents accept that Employee mobility resulting in location transfers can have a negative impact on employees while the lockdown work model is still in effect because employees still prefer to work in a hybrid mode, making it difficult to transfer them to another location, while 41% of respondents said that they may be open to adopting a new workplace in the future.

Over 86% of participants think an employee’s opinion should matter when the management decides to make an interdepartmental transfer.

Even if management makes the decisions that would help the growth of an organization, it must also align with the employee’s personal growth.
Thus, management must create and follow a transfer policy that smoothens the transition and includes the consideration of pay hikes, designation, role, and responsibilities.
Furthermore, 45% of participants think that virtual engagement initiatives like HR Connect, online fun at work initiatives, internal newsletters, and comparable activities are efficient and helpful for an organization as this promotes their employees’ psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
These initiatives don’t just provide a welcome break from work but also strengthen people’s competitive abilities and assist them in adopting positive and healthy workplace behaviour

“With the post-pandemic scenario, employee engagement programs ensure fair and impartial process. Additionally, companies and leaders must be mindful of the challenges & advantages of employee mobility as it is not only about retention, culture, and improving diversity, but also about developing a learning culture in the organization.”

R P Yadav, CMD, Genius Consultants Ltd., said,

“We conducted this survey with the goal of better understanding how employee engagement and mobility affect employee retention. The outcome gave us a thorough understanding of how workplace wellness policies, benefits, and perks are evolving in the post-pandemic environment to support employees as they recover and de-stress and, in the long run, increase productivity, motivation, and engagement in addition to increasing retention. We firmly believe surveys like this should be carried out to gather crucial industry viewpoints on critical subjects.”

He further added,
Communication, growth & development, recognition, appreciation, trust, and confidence are all important components in driving employee performance was the derived conclusion of the survey.

About Genius Consultants Limited:

Genius Consultants Limited is an established key player in the HR Solutions industry in India, having commenced its operations in 1993 as a provider of Permanent Staffing Solutions.
The organization provides various services to the corporate world starting from A to Z, like Permanent and Flexi Staffing Solutions, Payroll Processing and Management, Training and Development Services, IT Recruitment and Staffing, Statutory Compliance Management, Background Checks, and Verification Services, Cloud HR Management Services, Integrated Facility Management and Security Services.
Over the last few years, with the skill and expertise of more than 530 employees, Genius Consultants Limited have recruited 400,000+ esteemed professionals across different verticals, and over 60,000 outsourced associates were placed through Flexi Staffing Solutions.
Genius Consultants Limited believes in giving back to society by implementing promising CSR initiatives under the banner of “Genius Foundation,” playing major roles in projects like the Muktodhara initiative, Shiksharpan, and multiple programs supporting youth skill development.
The company is also a member of organizations like ISF and NASSCOM, participating in various social events across India.
With over two decades of acclaimed experience in the HR services industry, our Founder, Mr. Rajendra Prasad Yadav, laid the first brick of Genius’s presence nationwide, now across 15 states attaining more than INR 1250 Cr. turnover in the last financial year.
The expansion consists of 14 branch and area offices, including our Registered and Corporate Office at Kolkata, catering to more than 1500 clients covering over 1100 locations across metro cities, including Kolkata, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, among others.
Genius has been recognised as the “ET – Leading Staffing and Recruitment Services” firm by “The Economic Times Industry Leaders East 2020,” among other accolades, and is one of India’s leading providers of human resource solutions by market share in fiscal 2022-23, certified by ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015.
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