Nupur Recyclers Limited (NRL) and Germany-based HeiTec Rohstoffe GMBH enters into a Strategic partnership

to strengthen and grow their metal recycling businesses at the global level

Nupur Recyclers, a leading metal recycling and processing company in India, has recently entered into Strategy Understanding Agreement with Germany-based HeiTec Rohstoffe GMBH in order to strengthen and grow their metal businesses at the global level.

As part of the strategic alliance, Nupur Recyclers aims to bring cost-effectiveness and value while facilitating the metal recycling sector with sustainably elevating results. This partnership further aids metal buyers and sellers with improved margins across various countries. To further fuel the business momentum across India, Nupur Recyclers’ association with HeiTec Rohstoffe GMBH will drive the business growth nationally as the company sees India as one of the highest potential markets. This partnership integration carries the objective of bringing innovation and advancement to the operational capabilities of metal recycling in India.

The Nupur Recyclers Limited is a leading importer and processor of Non-ferrous metal recycling from long-term suppliers, looking at establishing itself as an innovative company in the metal processing industry. With this endeavor, the company takes the major initiative in responsible sourcing and recycling, underlining its commitment to a sustainable world and acknowledging the emerging demand for the recycled content metal from the end users.

Hitec Rohstoffe GMBH is a leading player in international trade, dealing with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, plastic scrap, metal-containing residual fractions, and all types of waste. Hitec Rohstoffe GMBH has set up a network of suppliers, customers, and partners for all the mentioned materials of any composition, spreading over Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Austria and Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovenia.

The partnership with HeiTec Rohstoffe GMBH aims to collaborate strategically by outsourcing raw materials and then recycling those leftover materials to create viable products for final consumption. Both NRL and HeiTec Rohstoffe GMBH are working together to strengthen and expand their metal recycling and processing businesses on a global scale with the vision for a better and more sustainable future. With the intent to work together to outsource the raw material and support each other at all intervals in growing the business, this partnership will assist both companies in driving benefits while working globally.

“The partnership will benefit both the parties at the global level. NRL and HeiTec Rohstoffe GMBH, through this strategic tie-up for business support, pursuant to which both parties have the responsibility towards each other to outgrow and support the business requirements of each other in all matters including procurement of qualitative raw material at a competitive price, also, it embarks on creating & developing newer markets for Nupur Recyclers viz. UAE, Central Europe, USA, etc., and adding them into the mainline of the business networks. Tie-up is a step in a direction to establish.”

Mr. Rajesh Gupta, Founder & Managing Director of Nupur Recyclers,

About Nupur Recyclers
Nupur Recyclers is a leading company in the field of import of non-ferrous metal scrap such as shredded Zinc Scrap, Zinc dies cast scrap, Zurik scrap, and Aluminium Zorba grades. Nupur is also involved in trading and manufacturing of these metals and processes materials from recyclables such as metal or scrap to make the earth healthy. Nupur Recyclers Limited is a leading importer and processor of Non-ferrous metal scrap from long-term suppliers looking at establishing itself as a truly innovative company in the metal world. It embarks on creating & developing newer markets, viz. UAE, Central Europe, USA, etc., and adding them into the mainline of the business networks. It also looks at dredging into trading opportunities which allows integration of its current activities.

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