How multivitamin deficiency slows down the everyday activity

Time and again people are faced with the issue of a busy lifestyle and even have to unwillingly bear the brunt of its side effects. The deficiency of necessary vitamins and minerals in the body is the most common issue arising from a hectic lifestyle. People are always running against time to accommodate their long list of tasks within the limited number of hours in a day. And in compensating for the lost time, it’s the food and eating habits that become the first option to be struck out from the daily to-do list and takes a backseat.

As a result, masses unanimously opt for processed food or on-the-go meals which are high in unhealthy contents. This creates a huge gap in the consumption of nutritious food that is packed up with vitamin-rich ingredients. There is an acute shortage of time which does not allow the proper intake of food. Which eventually scarce the body from required nutrition. The issue is further compounded by the emerging job profiles which are highly demanding and require the employees to multitask. Often this is the cause of a stressful life that only worsens the deficiencies in the body. In the state of prolonged stress, certain hormones are released which gets exhausted while combating the never-ending stress. It weakens the immune system and leads to common symptoms like weakness, headache, fatigue, unexplained hair loss, and many other signs.

Excessive stress can intervene with the proper functioning of metabolic, hormonal, reproductive, digestive, and other bodily systems. Looking at the gravity of the situation, it is important to load the meals with proper nutritional value that fuels the physical activities and vouches for mental health. It should be packed with healthy, wholesome ingredients full of vitamins and minerals to support brain health and contribute to mental wellness. A nutrition filled body is observed to be more active and energetic because it gives vitality and stamina to the body to counter the countless health conditions.

But considering the limitation of time constraints, going for food supplements can compensate for the nutrients that cannot be fulfilled through regular food intake. It is an active source of multivitamins that is rich in a whole lot of ingredients that are backed up with vitamins, minerals, fats, and other essential elements. Here, the right combination, nature, and dosage of the supplement are determined according to the individual requirement. In this process of consuming multivitamin supplements, it is important to note that these provide additional support to your body and nothing can fill the gap for a wholesome healthy diet. Having a wide variety of foods is a prerequisite for a balanced diet that meets all the essential nutrients required by the body. In the absence of this, the supplements will not be able to bring out the desired positive effect in the body.

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The authored article is written by Joy Chatterjee and shared with Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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