Harley-Davidson Introduces the Wild One Accessories Line for the Sportster.

Form and function are complementary.

When Harley-Davidson debuted the Sportster S in July 2021, it fully revamped the Sportster platform. The Motor Company’s oldest manufacturing model received a liquid-cooled 1250 Revolution Max V-twin engine to improve performance and reduce pollutants. That active lump was squeezed into a multi-piece trellis structure as a load-bearing part, and it was completed with a flat track-inspired style.

While the new Sportster S ushers in a new age for the platform, Harley-Davidson devotees continue to love customizing their Hog. H-D has released the Wild One accessory line to complement the Sportster S’s performance-oriented design. The appropriately called accessories collection, made up of bolt-on items, allows consumers to add more comfort and robust appearance to their vehicles quickly.

The set retains a consistent aesthetic that displays the Sportster S’s flexibility, from the Wild One Alternator Plug Cover to the Wild One Mirrors. Each component has an anodized black or glosses black finish and machined aluminum accents. The basic Wild One Hand Grips emphasize form above function with knurled rubber inserts. With customizable heat settings, the Wild One Heated Hand Grips expand on that popular recipe.

The Wild One Rider Footpegs, Passenger Footpegs, Shifter Peg, and Rear Brake Lever improve on the original equipment. The platform-style footpegs will appeal to both daily commuters and long-distance riders, while the knurled shifter peg and brake pedal have a more industrial appearance.
The Wild One’s goal isn’t only to be functional. The regular bar-end mirrors on the Sportster S keep the model’s slim look, but the WIld One Mirrors add over-the-shoulder visibility and extra aesthetic points. The Wild One Timer Medallion, Cam Sprocket Covers, Clutch Medallion, and Alternator Plug Cover offer subtle embellishments to connect everything.
Harley-Wild Davidson’s One line caters to the Sportster S’s diverse client base, with retail costs ranging from $49.95 to $229.95. The Bar and Shield may have changed the Sportster platform in 2021, but it remains an ideal candidate for Wild One accessory modification.

The authored article is written by Sejal Wakkar and shared with  Prittle Prattle News exclusively.

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