GMDC is conducting critical geological studies in and around the Ambaji Base-Metal Reserve

The Ambaji location is predicted to host a large polymetallic deposit with trace levels of precious metals.

GMDC, The Project aims at boosting the Nation’s AatmaNirbhar Bharat commitment and reducing imports

Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation (GMDC), a premier mining PSU firm and the country’s largest lignite seller, has begun geological research and on-the-ground design for mineral exploration programs in and around the Ambaji mining lease in North-Eastern Gujarat.

The Ambaji Base-Metal Reserve is vital and strategic in addressing the predicted global copper deficiency of up to 5 million tonnes by 2030-35.

The Ambaji location is predicted to host a large polymetallic deposit with trace levels of precious metals.

It would increase GMDC’s footprint in base metals while also demonstrating the company’s commitment to diversifying its mineral portfolio.

The reserve will also meet the demand for EV adoption in emerging and developed markets, progressively reducing India’s reliance on copper imports.

“There is huge potential in Ambaji, The location is likely to possess a substantial Polymetallic deposit with trace levels of precious metals.” At GMDC, we have only recently begun exploring the area and are now looking for base metals, especially copper, but we are open to new commodities and opportunities.”

said Mr. Roopwant Singh, IAS, Managing Director of GMDC.

According to preliminary geological investigations, the Ambaji deposit is an intrusive-based massive sulphide type (IHMS).

The IHMS deposits are significant sources of base metals, notably copper, as well as trace levels of precious metals such as ZN, AG, and PB.

Within the current drilling study scope, the reported resource at Ambaji is anticipated to be around 6.28 million tonnes with nearly 10% total metal content (Copper, Zinc, and Lead combined).

While the resource model data is being prepared, the manner of mineralization suggests that there is a significant likelihood of resource enhancement, which will contribute to “AatmaNirbhar Bharat” with sustainable growth.

About Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited (GMDCLTD)

Gujarat Mineral Development Corporation Limited is a major mining company in India. It is a State Public Undertaking of the Gujarat Government.
The state-owned firm now operates five lignite mines in Kutch, South Gujarat, and the Bhavnagar region. It is said to be the country’s largest merchant seller of lignite.
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