Formation of SS = Shiv Sena and Sambhaji Brigade will work in Maharashtra?

Mumbai – Maharashtra is known for its reformist attitude after the freedom struggle. The structural growth of Maharashtra is a vital contribution to ‘Reformist’ India. For ages, Sanatan Dharma was passed from a battle between fundamental and reformist activists in the medieval period.

Maharashtra is known for its combination of Spirituality and Reformism as the legacy of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, SantDyaneshwar, Sant Tukaram, Sant Eknath, Mahatma Phule, Sant Tukdoji Maharaj, and Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj. Indian continent has a long civilization from the ancient period. A combination of Arya and Dravid cultural distinguish phenomena gave birth to a culture of Vedic Brahmanism and Reforming Hindu Ideology.

Maharashtra is a cultural Centre for Reformist liberal Hinduism ideology. The long-last revolution exists in Maharashtra, which enhances differentiation in doctrines. Shiv Sena was born out of the collaboration of “Purogami” and “Marathi Nationalism.” Since the British colonial period, Mumbai has had vital importance across the globe. Developed as Financial, Entertainment and reformist cosmopolitan culture have of paranoid significance to develop a high standard of living. But Indian culture is too complicated because there are different demographical, cultural, multi-lingual, and religious ethnicities.

Regional differentiation has revolted a new cultural identity in Mumbai after the Sanyukta Maharashtra movement. The movement turned into Marathi regional identity with Gujarati and Central government over Mumbai ownership based on linguistic culture. Gujarat and Maharashtra were separated from Mumbai state in 1960. State capital Mumbai has various regional and religious ethnicities with a highly dense population due to the business Centre of an integrated economy.

After 106 Martyrs dead in Sanyukta Maharashtra Movement, the Marathi people won to retain Mumbai but became victims of wasted interest in the political spectrum. Reducing Marathi Population and increasing unemployment and marginalization for the right of “Son of Soil’ .while increasing the migration of other states’ citizens gave birth to “ShivSena” as an aggressive organization for ‘Marathi Manus’ rights. Initially, Shivsena was criticised for aggregation against Communist Party in Mumbai trade Union and vigorous agitation against South Indian migrants in Mumbai. After decades fought for the existence of Maharashtrians suddenly accepted Political Hindutva in the late 80s.

After the early ’90s, things changed for Shiv Sena. The son of communist leaders and union members becomes Part of Shiv Sena by supremo Balasaheb Thackeray’s speeches and revolution for Marathi and Hindutva Identity. Still, the fundamental thought process initiator was Balasaheb’s Father, Prabhodhanakar Keshav Sitaram Thackeray, who inspired Balasaheb Thackeray to give institutional structure for Marathi rights in the form of Shivsena. Prabhodhankar Thackeray was known for his many famous as a good orator and renowned author against Brahmanism and superstitions and some rituals in Sanatan Dharma.

Prabhodhankar Thackeray’s reformist thoughts of Hinduism gave birth to the idea behind Shivsena taking different forms for political compulsions in the form of Marathi and Hindutva ideology. For ages, Shivsena was not a political outfit, but after changing the principal of 80 percent Social work and 20 percent political work, it was changed to 100 percent politics. Principal for birthright even same as before, though entered in politics Shiv Sena always preferred populist ideology.

Shiv Sena does not have any fixed political agenda or any specific ideology. It became Shiv Sena’s plus point as well as a limitation. During the regime, Shiv Sena has had many up and down, including the recent leaving of 50 rebels MLA including current Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde. Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray was on target by the opposition for not giving importance to loyal Shivsainik and unnatural MVA alliance with Congress and NCP. Long-period alliance partner BJP has now become the most significant enemy of Shivsena. But, if we see an alliance with BJP, it was a political compromise because Shiv Sena has a reformist background of PrabhodhankarThakeray.

After rebel MLA and Part Split, Uddhav took the appropriate step to join hands with Sambhaji Brigade, a similar ideological outfit. Still Mistake Mr. Uddhav Thackeray is there are taking a dual stand of “Hindutva” at the same time “Purogami” ideology which can be hazardous for the future existence of the party. Opposition always takes Thackeray as a fake Hindutva propagator and follower of Sharad Pawar. SometimeThackeray talks about Hindutva for Ayodhya Ram Mandir, simultaneously recruiting Anti – Hindutva secular idealists in a party.

Mr. Purshottam Khedekar is known for being a straightforward orator and controversial speech against Brahmin ideology. Ideally, Sambhaji Brigade took shape in the early 90s in Maharashtra as a very aggressive organization against taking on Brahmanism and its Hindutva supporter. Sambhaji Brigade came into the limelight after a group of brigade members attacked and vandalized the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute Pune in 2004. Protest against Dadoji Kondev statue in Pune-based garden, attack on Waghya statue on Raigad fort become Sambhaji Brigade household name in Pan Maharashtra. The current Sambhaji Brigade also introduced Shiv Dharma to take against hardline Hindutva. Hindutva supporters also criticized Sambhaji Brigade as an Anti-Brahmin and appeasers of Muslims and minorities.

Sambhaji Brigade, as an organization, tried to become a political outfit though it was not successful in Modi Magic. Now Shivsena, as Part of the Reforming ideology of Prabhodankar and Hardline aggressive reformist organization Sambhaji Brigade, had an alliance for upcoming polls against the Shinde-Fadnavis government. On one side, it seems to be a natural collaboration with Sambhaji Brigade, but on another front, Shiv Sena is not ready to take a clear stand against Hindutva.
It will not work for Shiv Sena unless and until a clear message for Maharashtrian voters. At one time, despite the weakening structure of Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray talks about Hindutva and the party’s expansion at all India levels. At another place, Uddhav Thackeray and Sambhaji Brigade talk about taking a stand against the fascist Modi Government.
People are unclear about Udhhav’s message for the party. Sambhaji Brigade is not well established as a political party, but they have a good impact on voters in rural and especially western and northern Maharashtra.
Strategical thinkers and political analysts predict that Shiv Sena and Sambhaji Brigade and other small party alliances can create an impact in Maharashtra’s upcoming Lok sabha and Vidhan sabha polls. But practically, it seems pretty difficult till Sambhaji Brigade expansion in urban areas and Shiv Sena’s clear stand about Hindutva and the solid political base in rural Maharashtra.
After the political crisis, Uddhav Thackeray and Son Aditya Thackeray took political rallies to gain supporters of Shiv Sena loyalists and party workers against the Shinde Government.
It is interesting to see the upcoming political equation in Maharashtra and the center. Now questions arise along with Sambhaji Brigade and MVA alliance with Congress, NCP, will Thackeray can do Battle with Shinde Government? I think it is too early to decide. Still, it will not help Shiv Sena unless clear cut party stands and a lot of Party reforms right from choosing ideology to choosing the right leadership, the future vision of Maharashtra, Blue Print against federal Hindutva hardliners, especially with BJP, RSS in upcoming elections.
The authored article is written by Mohit Soman and shared with Prittle Prattle News  exclusively.
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