Eveready introduces the Ultimate Battery – 400% longer lasting ‘ULTIMA’

The Ultima Alkaline range is the most premium and superior offering from Eveready.

Targeting an expanding market of discerning consumers who prefer durable and reliable batteries, Eveready Industries India Limited (EIIL), the market leader in the Dry Cell Batteries category, has launched its new TV Commercial for its Alkaline range – ‘ULTIMA’.

The Eveready Ultima Alkaline batteries last up to 400% Longer* as compared to other batteries and are the ultimate energy solution to the power-hungry electronic gadgets of modern times.

From powering TV/ AC remotes, and children’s toys to specialized high-tech equipment like gaming consoles, smart lock doors, and digital lockers to BP machines, Eveready Ultima Alkaline batteries are an ideal choice for consumers who want the maximum performance from their battery.

These batteries possess a better energy density and produce more power and a consistent output throughout their use.

The Turbo Lock technology helps to prevent leakage, and the batteries are environment-friendly as they are free from Mercury, Lead and Cadmium.

“Our modern lifestyle has made us reliant on devices that need to be supported with batteries that can provide optimum power, longevity, and efficiency consumers can avoid the trouble of replacing batteries frequently. For an iconic brand like Eveready, which enjoys strong brand equity across generations for its batteries, we believe that the Alkaline range is best suited to address these evolving consumer needs. The new communication cuts across consumer segments, through a warm, easily relatable narrative of a family engrossed in a TV series that builds up season after season, year after year.”

Ms. Insiyah Chawala, General Manager- Of marketing, stated,

“The Ultima Alkaline range is the most premium and superior offering from Eveready. With Ultima, we aim to address the energy requirements of Gen-Z. The whole idea of the new campaign is to connect, communicate and interact with the newer generation introducing them to the ‘Give Me Red’ world, the vibrancy and the dynamism of brand Eveready, as well as its ethos and values that makes it India’s no. 1 battery brand.”

Mr. Trilok Singh, General Manager –Of marketing, added,

Our ad agency Rediffusion has created the new commercial, directed by Mr. Alok Kulkarni and produced by Ten Films.

About EIIL

Eveready Industries India Limited (EIIL) is the market leader in the portable energy (dry cell battery and flashlight) segment, selling approximately 1.3 billion batteries and 21 million torches annually.

For years, Eveready has been one of the most trusted brands among millions of people in India. LED, CFL, GLS, and other lighting products are also sold by the company.

Eveready has a large distribution network of over 4000 distributors and serves towns with a population of 5000 or more people.

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