Empowering Lifelong Learning: JML School’s Virtual Book Reading Initiative Shapes Curiosity and Growth Among Young Minds

In a stimulating conversation with Prittle Prattle News, Mrs. Neha Srivastva, Primary Coordinator at Jasudben ML School shares insights into the transformative virtual book reading session that recently captivated the 1st and 2nd graders.

Objective Focused on Enriching Learning:

Mrs. Neha Srivastva: The primary objective behind our virtual book reading session was to foster a love for reading and learning in a fun, interactive manner. We brought an author directly to our students to create a unique experience, going beyond traditional methods. The session aimed to introduce new words, enrich vocabulary, and encourage language development through storytelling and hands-on activities, ultimately nurturing a lifelong love for learning.

Aligning with Maharashtra’s ‘Reading Movement’ Initiative:

Our recent session aligns seamlessly with the Maharashtra State Government’s ‘Reading Movement’ initiative, emphasizing interactive storytelling and language enrichment. By introducing new words and encouraging self-expression through creative activities, the session echoes the joy of reading, perfectly complementing the initiative’s objectives to create a reading-friendly environment and instill a lifelong love for books.

Holistic Development through Collaborative Learning:

Collaborative and creative sessions significantly contribute to holistic student development. These sessions enhance literacy, cognitive development, foster creativity, and promote a positive attitude toward learning. They also cultivate social skills, cultural awareness, and contribute to personal growth, encouraging lifelong learning habits.

Nurturing Socially Responsible Learners:
The session aligns perfectly with our mission to nurture socially responsible and holistic learners. It encourages engagement and community-building, tapping into students’ cognitive and artistic abilities for a well-rounded educational experience. By exposing students to diverse perspectives and cultures, it fosters cultural awareness and understanding, cultivating global citizenship. Additionally, it promotes empathy and communication skills, creating an inclusive environment where every voice matters.
In essence, this initiative isn’t just about reading a book; it’s an enriching experience that perfectly aligns with our mission to develop socially responsible, culturally aware, and holistically educated learners.
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