Embassy Boulevard Villa – An exclusive community for The Cognoscenti

Embassy Boulevard is widespread over 51 acres, with just three villas per acre.

Embassy Boulevard Villa. India’s spectacular landscapes are now dotted with architectural masterpieces and state-of-the-art structures.

Over time, the convergence between “luxury real estate” and “quality of life” is now seen as synonymous.

Luxury can mean different things to different people. When it comes to the urban jungle, where life is almost always on the fast lane and where ‘busyness’ is almost everyone’s business, a few moments of uninterrupted relaxation would be true luxury indeed.

Interiors that bridges the historic and contemporary design, giving rise to the opulent look and feel.

Luxurious space that divulges into emerald green gardens, with mist that winds through portico, halls that speak of rustic and contemporary feel

welcome to the Embassy Boulevard Villa, wherein you can enjoy the luxury of free skies and exclusivity on the private terrace and expansive spaces combined with sophisticated aesthetics.

Known for offering a bespoke lifestyle, Embassy Boulevard is an uber-luxury gated community Off NH7, 12 km before the Kempegowda International Airport.

Artfully designed by the award-winning Singapore based – Andy Fisher Workshop, the Villa embodies exclusivity, sophistication, and responsible luxury.

An epitome of evolved and effortless living, Embassy Boulevard is widespread over 51 acres, with just three villas per acre.

Purposely planned, each villa is an island of exclusivity, it comes with a private swimming pool and outdoor barbeque space, set amidst rows of magnificent flowering trees and sculpted gardens.

Embassy Interiors manage the beautiful interiors at the Boulevard, an endeavor focused on creating tailor-made environs to elevate everyday moments into the extraordinary realm.
As it stands today, Embassy Interiors is coveted and a result of close-knit, talented, and experienced professionals, architects, and interior designers who meticulously solved the most complex dilemmas to unravel design and functionality.
Every user has a distinct taste in design that directly subconsciously relates to their life experiences.
Exceeding the expectations of the discerning clientele with distinct taste in design, with the finest handpicked materials, the impeccable skills of the most elite craftsmen, and a myriad of post-installation services, Embassy Interiors creates spaces that can only be described as timeless masterpieces.
Embassy Interiors entails permutations and combinations of finishing, warm colour tones, lighting, etc., to resonate with residents’ personalities.
This ultra-luxury villa focuses on breathing new life into living spaces with comfort, sophistication, and modernity.
In every detail, this uber-luxury villa has been crafted for individuals who seek nothing short of the extraordinary. It taps into the country’s elite’s needs, ambitions, and aesthetics.
Masterfully planned and impeccably crafted, the Villa has many amenities, like clubhouses, a gym, a landscape garden, end-to-end smart security, and more.
To ensure an unparalleled residential experience, customized home maintenance for each resident is procured by Embassy Services.
The Club at Embassy Boulevard, BLVD, is a perfect weekend getaway spot. In terms of space and size, this extraordinary luxury club boasts a humungous 1 lakh square feet of area that has been tastefully designed to ooze luxury from every corner.
The attention to detail in terms of sophistication and simplicity makes it literally one of the best private clubs in the world.
To belong to the BLVD community is to form lasting connections and be exposed to a customized lifestyle experience and at the same time, set in a vibrant and stimulating environment.
The club hosts a holistic set of activities to make it a memorable experience and add more to the celebratory mood on festive occasions and important days.
From musical nights, I am cooking master class, art/painting sessions, and sundowner to personality-building workshops and career counseling.
Embassy Boulevard, designed for the affluent, is a haven for individuals who enjoy refined luxury and seek refuge in lush green landscapes away from the world.
A way of life that allows you to maintain your privacy while also enjoying a community experience beyond the gate. Takes you on the road to refinement.
The authored article is written by Giulia Baima Bollone – Director, Embassy Interiors Pvt Ltd and shared with Prittle Prattle News exclusively.
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