ControlZ calls it #TheBigBillionSave

ControlZ the brand works on a core belief – "the change is in your hands"

ControlZ, today announced yet another thought-provoking campaign called ‘The Big Billion Save’.

The campaign clearly inculcates and promotes the idea of mindful shopping to save the environment, amidst the ever rising trend of revenge shopping that people scout for, especially around the festive season sales.

The campaign discourages revenge shopping amongst the general public to promote conscious consumption.

To reinforce the concept of “conscious consumption,” ControlZ’s online stores are closed during these special shopping days.

The customers are redirected to a video that shows the effects of purchasing mindlessly and how we are all stuck in this vicious trap.

By closing its online store for these select days, the brand ControlZ has made yet another impactful and mindful attempt to educate the general audience on the way we get manipulated by brands that have shaped mega sales as an offer for mega savings.

The video starts with an underlying message: “100% OFF ON PRODUCTS YOU DON’T BUY, BECAUSE YOU DON’T NEED THEM.” This makes it one of its kinds of a thumb-stopping campaigns to propagate the wastefulness of such sales and how they push people to buy things they don’t need just because they are cheap.

“If we could all come to regard our consumer items as instruments that help us live our real lives, rather than as substitutions and surrogates for those lives, we would require far fewer products to be happy. And we would keep the ones we currently have for a longer period of time.

If enough of us can undo this, we might just have a chance of keeping what we need: a planet that can continue to nourish, protect, and sustain us all. “

Yug Bhatia, CEO, and Founder, ControlZ stated,

ControlZ has been making such simulating attempts to promote sustainability ever since its launch, as the brand works on a core belief – “the change is in your hands” – that aims to bring a revolution in the tech industry by enabling conscious consumption and by extending the life cycle of old devices.

About ControlZ

ControlZ is a firm founded in 2022 by Yug Bhatia, Founder & CEO, that brings The country’s first renewed-smartphone category (not to be confused with refurbished) is set to launch.

Create new sustainability norms and promote It is believed that manufacturing a smartphone accounts for 85-95 percent of the device’s annual carbon footprint.

During the production of a smartphone, around 55 kg of carbon dioxide is emitted. High-end cellphones, such as the iPhone, produce significantly more radiation.
ControlZ’s mission is to stimulate mindful consumption by elevating an outdated device. In India, the company is developing a one-of-a-kind industrial know-how to renew obsolete equipment and make them as good as new.
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