Chef Vikramjit Roy brings to the City of Joy an exclusive pop up – The Tangra Project Origins x The Salt House

It’s a flavourful week at The Salt House, Kolkata as The Tangra Project is coming for a chef pop up – The Tangra Project Origins x The Salt House for the auspicious week celebrating Poila Baisakh. One of India’s most celebrated chefs and the torchbearer of contemporary Pan Asian cuisine, Chef Vikramjit Roy needs no introduction. As an ode to Calcutta he has curated a special menu for the City of Joy using Japanese techniques from his days, to bring back local flavors with a global feel.

Chef Vikramjit Roy says, “The Tangra Project celebrates the inclusivity that Calcutta upholds. All the invasions which led to influences on our city came across starting from the Hakka migrants, the Mughals, the British (along with the allied influences which came along with them such as the Portuguese, the French, the Danish, the Dutch and so on). We explored how Calcutta as a city adapted all these and created something unique. It is not fusion food – the techniques are adapted to suit today’s day and age.”

He further adds, “What is very unique about our offerings is Tangra coming back to its roots. I firmly believe that food like fashion comes back but more evolved, more adapted. It’s nothing better than sharing this during Poila Baisakh wherein new clothes and inventive food with a new vision is equally important. We aim to provide a unique dining experience.”

Some signature dishes masterfully curated for this exclusive pop up are, ‘Parwal Guacamole Chips and Chaat’, ‘Burrata Ghughni, Chingri Paturi’, ‘TTP Chilli ‘Bell Pepper’ Paneer’, ‘Shrimp Chili Ball’, ‘Roasted Sweet Potato & Saag Pantheras’, ‘Lamb Chops Rezala’, ‘Railway Turnip Cake Curry’, ‘Punjabi Kadhi Risotto with Golbadi Mutton’, ‘Roasted Artichoke Manchurian’, ‘Kulchette’, ‘Chaplin Haleem, Pickled Shallots Sourdough Toastie’, ‘Bandel Cheese Burrata Tomato Toastie’ amongst others.

Bring in the new year on a sweet note with a selection of specially handcrafted desserts like ’The Rose’ and ‘Dodhikorma Cheesecake’ to name a few.

Innovative concoctions like Woke Melon – Vodka, Watermelon, Campari, Bird Eye Chili Clarified and Going East – Turmeric infused tequila, pineapple honey, curry leaf, Indian Tonic Water can be paired with the delectable spread.

The patrons can choose from either an elaborate selection of an a la carte menu or indulge in the tasting menu which consists of the signature dishes specially picked by Chef Vikramjit.
So come savor gourmet delights at The Salt House from the culinary expert this Poila Baisakh.

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