Arf Financial Announces New Revolving Line Of Credit To Help Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business

ARF Financial today announced the launch of Bankroll, an innovative new lending product designed to help business owners access maximum financing with fixed terms.

Dubbed “The Ultimate Revolving Line of Credit,” Bankroll addresses the major concern of every business owner who require flexibility to access financing while keeping their cash flow unencumbered to run their business. Bankroll provides business owners with a max loan approval amount, a fixed loan term and a fixed weekly payment with the flexibility of being able to pay down their loan or borrow more funds on an unlimited basis.

The Revolving Line of Credit helps business owners access financing while keeping their cash flow to run their business.
“We innovated during the pandemic with new products to help our merchants survive the downturn and we innovated again after the pandemic with this revolving line of credit to further support our merchants on their path to profitability,” said Celeste Deal-Maunoir, Chief Sales Officer at ARF Financial. “Currently, no other lender allows a business owner to decide how much they want to borrow, the size of their payment nor how long they want to keep their loan outstanding.

In essence, Bankroll gives entrepreneurs complete control of their loan. This is unique to ARF Financial and best of all, this revolving line of credit is unsecured up to $1,000,000. This latest offering is designed to empower business owners by providing them with access to financing that will help them strengthen their businesses. “

The Bankroll Revolving Line of Credit allows business owners to pay off or pay down without penalty and every partial principal paydown frees up financing availability. Business owners can make unlimited draws of $5,000 or more during their revolving period of up to 52 weeks.

Backed by decades of experience, ARF Financial has become the #1 direct lender for restaurants and hospitality businesses nationwide. ARF Financial sources short-term, unsecured business loans and lines of credit for merchants who have traditionally struggled to obtain the financing they need.

ARF Financial understands the challenges unique to the industry and has forged exclusive relationships with banks across the country to provide customized loan solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of each borrower. Their team of seasoned financial consultants have helped thousands of restaurant and hospitality businesses secure over $1 billion in funding.

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