201 terminally ill children have their wishes granted this Children’s Day

"Medicines are there. And then there is hope. Doctors believe that once the wish is granted, the children's hopes double.

Boman Irani, Sangram Singh, Dr. Karan Gupta, Deepak Bhatia, and Dr. Anusha Srinivasan Iyer make it possible!

This Children’s Day, the Karan Gupta Education Foundation and Make A Wish Foundation, supported by the Make Earth Green Again MEGA Foundation and Sion Hospital Pediatric ward, helped grant the wishes of 201 critically and terminally ill children at the Sion Hospital Auditorium.

It was a beautiful moment when each child looked back at life with renewed energy when their wish was granted.

From television sets to scooters to jeeps to tabs and mobile phones and doll and kitchen sets, the children expressed their wishes to turn doctors into engineers with radiating smiles that lit up the Auditorium.

Besides Karan Gupta and Deepak S Bhatia, actors Boman Irani and Sangram Singh motivated the children with their beautiful words and smiles.

Boman’s jaadu ki jhappi made a huge difference, as did Sangram Singh’s simplicity.

The motive was simple. To transform lives, fulfill wishes, and be entertained by a clown, a magician, and sing and dance.

Besides Boman Irani, Sangram Singh, Dr. Anusha Srinivasan Iyer, Riddhi Modi, Kalpana Loonkar, and Nitish Shah were present alongside Karan Gupta and Deepak S Bhatia.

Boman Irani felt that his wish was granted by being here. “My wish is granted today,” he said.

“Medicines are there. And then there is hope. Doctors believe that once the wish is granted, the children’s hopes double. This gift is much more than just a cycle or a game. It is much bigger than that. It is hoped that the treatment will work,” he said emotionally. “I feel like a child every time I am on stage. And children are much wiser than us. We should all bring out the child in us,” he said.

There are four ways to be strong. Eat less than you desire, drink double the water than food, exercise the best you can, and laugh four times.” The eager audience made the Commonwealth gold medallist wrestler repeat the formula twice.
Added Sangram Singh,
“Every year, more and more children miraculously recover from life-threatening illnesses just by having their simple wishes granted.
God bless them, and let’s pledge to transform one life at a time. Deep gratitude to our donors for supporting this cause,” avered Karan Gupta, who has fulfilled their wishes for the last three years.
Here is looking forward to more beautiful moments and the fulfillment of such wishes.
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