RENOM awarded the Great Place to Work® Certification

RENOM seeks strategies to expand the firm based on the interests of its employees.

RENOM Energy Services established by Sanjay Ghodawat Group has recently been awarded the Great Place to Work® Certification 2022. This certification celebrates the company’s commitment, work ethic, and philosophy, to deliver quality services through innovative practices. The company has excelled in five dimensions – High-Trust, High-Performance Culture – Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride, and Camaraderie.

“As the first and only Independent Service Provider (ISP) in India to manage wind turbines of all the 5-technologies, RENOM currently maintains 13 brands and 22 models with a total portfolio of over 1.2 GW. It has its own in-house state-of-the-art Electronic Repair Service (ERS) Center in Pune to service all types of PCBs, SRBs, and controllers with less turnaround time. RENOM aims to be the most desired Independent Service Provider (ISP) for the customers in the global renewable energy market space. Being certified as a great place to work is a testament to our fantastic team which has helped us build an amazing work culture at RENOM,”

said Shrenik Ghodawat, Founder & Director – RENOM.

The company continues to foster a culture that values integrity, respect, fairness, and camaraderie while appreciating team’s collaboration in making the community better for all members.

Over the years, RENOM Energy Service has introduced many initiatives and policies that act as catalysts for the workforce. Some of the key themes in which RENOM Energy Services excelled to be conferred with the certificate are-

Values to Treat people – Employees, Vendors, Contractors are treated as part of the extended family and the company works incessantly towards their welfare. The company follows fair trade practices and maintain utmost transparency in all business dealings.

Trust – RENOM has collectively over 1,500 man-years of experience in the field of Operation and Maintenance of Renewable Energy assets. At RENOM, employees can share their queries and feedback with an assurance that they will be taken into consideration.

The management utilizes employee survey insights to start important conversations that might otherwise have been missed. This allows the leaders to navigate organizational decisions with the employee’s best interests in mind.

Strong Supportive Culture – A truly strong culture offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards, and welfare employees’ efforts while ensuring that employees know their work is meaningful. RENOM seeks strategies to expand the firm based on the interests of its employees.

Maximizing Human Potential – Employees at RENOM are encouraged for one-on-one meeting discussions with their direct reports. These discussions allow managers and employees to share information and reflect on how things are going, as well as identify and address training requirements. Supervisors get a sense of whether employees’ needs are being met and a better understanding of the most beneficial employee development opportunities.

As an organization, there is a set of measurable targets right from the start of the hiring process. The hiring process is transparent right from job requirements to pay equity.

At RENOM, everyone has access to the same treatment, opportunities, and advancement. The company collects relevant data of workers and analyses them to assess company’s demographics, including the leadership team. Once the required data is collected, they are set as the benchmark and metrics for the DEI goals as per the defined aim to achieve. The metrics include:
Recruitment data Training data Employee exit feedbacks Employee engagement survey
Social Responsibility – RENOM Energy Services aim is to be a socially responsible corporate citizen by paying back to society and by contributing generously to social, medical, and educational causes to help the less fortunate and work ceaselessly for the protection of the environment.
Leadership Effectiveness – For effective leadership to occur, the company implements and communicates the companys’ strategy, business direction, and goals such as SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis through virtual meetings and conferences managed by the HODs at the Head Office. This is later effectively communicated to the employees.
Great Workplace for Women – Equity is a priority at the company and there is no form of partiality between gender. No women are allowed to stay after office hours. A healthy policy with paternity and maternity leave allows all parents to make personalized decisions around childcare. It also supports mothers returning to work after childbirth.
Well Being – On a macro level, wellbeing specifically targets how job roles, expectations, stress levels, and the environment at work affect someone’s overall health and happiness. But on a micro-level, it explores everything from an individual’s experience with mental health and their overall happiness and job satisfaction to their professional relationships, personal development, peer support, and even wellbeing in a financial sense- parents insurance policy, paternity leave of 05 days, and a safety policy. Focused approach to employee health and wellbeing, is the crux of the performance process. When managers support employee well-being, employees are happier, less burned out, and less likely to consider leaving.

About Sanjay Ghodawat Group

Sanjay Ghodawat Group (SGG) is a prominent Indian business conglomerate that has its presence in various high-value business verticals. Aviation, Consumer Products, Education, Energy, Mining, Realty, Retail and Textiles are some of its key business domains. SGG was founded in 1993 and since then it has witnessed impressive growth under the splendid stewardship of its Founder and Chairman- Mr. Sanjay Ghodawat. It has strong base of millions of customers globally, an employee strength of over 10,000 and a student base of over 16,000. SGG is moving ahead with great vigor and bringing significant changes in people’s lives with its wide range of high-quality products and services.
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