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Devanssh is a Writer, Editor, Founder of content writing agency, Professor of Pharmacology, and seasoned pharmaceutical professional.

By Devanssh Mehta


Prittle Prattle News in Conversation with DEVANSSH MEHTA


Devanssh is a Writer, Editor, Founder of a content writing agency, Professor of Pharmacology, and seasoned pharmaceutical professional. Over the years, he has published hundreds of research and review papers and also happens to publish a few books. His latest book, “Essence of my research endeavors- A compilation of my past publications,” is in the market, published by Delhi based publisher, Blue Rose Publishers. 

The book consists of the latest topics related to healthcare. Corporate professionals working across the world and mention the articles on taking away for its readers to be the better person dealing with hardships and crisis came across by them during the normal mundane activities of everyday work. “Essence of research endeavor” is the first book of his kind. The essence of my research endeavor is the first of its kind of book, which is beautifully written to be a reading material over a coffee in a restaurant or coffee shops or for travelers traveling over short or long routes. On the whole, it’s a medical take away along with management tips to deal with everyday work situations. 

Author Devanssh has written a book, where he has compiled the various papers published previously in national and international journals. He came up with publishing some useful articles into one book, hence the latest publication. Medicinal plants are in demand recently looking at the crisis of COVID-19, and government guidelines issued to boost the immunity, till the vaccine to fight coronavirus hits the market. The book mentions the medicinal plants, which can help in increasing the resistance, even also can fight the dangerous disease or ailment like CANCER.

Herbal remedies are in use since ages when mankind found the first cure to fight with human disorders. Since then, lots of researches have helped the man in understanding the very nature of medicinal plants, the phytoconstituents (a chemical substance found in medicinal plants, having the potency to cure an ailment). Phytoconstituents like Alkaloids, Flavonoids, Terpenoids, Glycosides have tremendous powers to cure and treat the diseases living organisms come across on an everyday basis. Some boosts, the immunity, and some help us in fighting with it. On the whole, it is better to rely on herbal remedies than on allopathic medicines (Synthetic), as they have the least order of side effects to the living organisms compared to the allopathic ones. The author has researched a plant called Padwal, Parmal, in some parts of India, however, known as Trichosanthes Doica, scientifically, during his course work in the Masters of Pharmacy course in Pharmacology. 

Prittle Prattle News understands that the author is also a research person and has done animal studies on medicinal plants, with positive findings from his research to deal with or cure the diseases. During his research work, the author first selected the plant, having a rough idea that it can help in preventing Ulcers. Ulcers are soars or lesions on the surface of skins or inner lining, causing pain, discomfort, & bleeding. Here, Devanssh selected Trichosanthes Dioica, Roxb, as a plant to study and collect its leaves from the southern part of Uttar Pradesh. As per the research guidelines, the leaves were shade dried and crushed into beautiful pieces to develop the extract from these very leaves. Soxhlet apparatus is an experimental instrument used to extract the constituents from any part of a plant. 

The research was carried on Swiss albino rats, and after the complete process, it was found that the plant, Trichosanthes dioica, Roxb. (Padwal, Parmal) has useful anti-ulcer properties. In this way, the medicinal plants can be grown and processed in a factory to develop perfect medicines that can be used on a day to day basis for various ailments from a small cut to highly dangerous COVID-19.

According to research, COVID-19 isn’t the new virus, which has caused the pandemic world over. Before COVID-19, there were already four types of coronaviruses discovered, which used to cause mild to modest upper or lower respiratory tract infections. These could be cured with a simple diet routine & fewer precautions. However, in the case of COVID-19, the Corona Virus is a newer species that is lethal in nature. Many researchers are eyeing on finding out the vaccine for this type of coronavirus. However, the vaccine can only be successful if, at all, it’s a non-mutant category micro-organism. 

Corona Virus causing COVID-19 seems to be of the mutant category; hence vaccine will not be successful. The better option is to develop Anti-viral therapy for COVID-19. Why? The reason being vaccines won’t work for COVID-19; only anti-viral therapy is the better option. Anti-viral drugs are the ones that cause damages to the viruses and ultimately kill them and eradicate them from the body. 

Medicinal plants having anti-viral properties can be used to fight with COVID-19, and also since they have no side effects, so the chance of complications with its use seems minimal. It’s better to focus on Anti-viral therapies rather than finding out the vaccines. 

Medicinal plants mentioned in the book can also be researched to find an anti-viral cure for COVID-19. The essence of my research endeavor is primarily a book on a research journey, where how a research person selects different areas of science, and tries to find out the problem. After doing the proper amount of research on the problem, the researcher finds out the solution, and upon studying it, it comes out with the best possible solution for the specific issue or problem area. 

Devanssh writes on various topics, from medical to healthcare, technology as well as on business. He is a management graduate from IES Management College, Bandra (Mumbai), and Pharmacy post-graduate from Subharti University, Meerut, India. At present, he is working on his next book, to be launched by a well-known publisher soon in India, as well as worldwide. 

He likes cooking, shopping, gardening, and Writing. Writing, being the next hobby, the author has chosen it as his future profession.

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