Dhurina, a Rapidly Growing Ed-Tech Start-up Introduces Spoken English Course for Bharat Population

New Delhi, 5 April 2022: The rapidly expanding E-learning platform, Dhurina which is working to provide affordable courses for the Bharat population has launched spoken English courses for the rural markets. This is 25 days course which will includes, “subjects like Basic introduction of Pronounciation, Sentence Structure, Articles, Verbs, Tense, Adjectives, Nouns, Basic Manners and Ettiquettes in English, Daily Life Vocabulary, Errors in English language, Passive Voice, Cleft Sentences, Daily Life Idioms & Phrases, Advanced Level Sentence Starters & Connector, Tips to get Pro in English” are offered online to the students. This course will benefit the students from the Bharat population who struggles on a daily basis in speaking English. This will help in communication with others and increase the prospects of employment with ample opportunities.

According to a few reports, English is the 3rd most spoken language, around 20% of the world’s population speaks English and this is not a hidden truth that Indian minds are part of the best jobs, research and almost in every field around the world. English is spoken across India and pronunciation can be improved with the help of online spoken English classes or video lessons.

Commenting on this initiative, Sachin Sardana Co-Founder, Dhurina said, “One of the major problems faced by students in rural areas is the lack of English medium schools beyond the elementary level in these locations. As a result, after getting an education in the English medium, a large proportion of students are forced to opt for the vernacular medium.”

He further added that with internet penetration and post-pandemic, the opening of online learning is becoming a reality. Thus, Dhurina is offering an online speaking English course at an affordable cost of Rs 499/-. We are aiming to reach out to government schools across the towns & smaller cities in India.

About Dhurina:

Dhurina is one of the fastest-growing tech-driven Ed-Tech start-ups, which was co-founded by Sachin Sardana, Ajay Kumar, Murari Singh and Sanjay Singh. In June 2019, the company had raised USD 1.2 Mn in its Pre-Series A funding round.
Dhurina has a team of 90+ experienced educators of the country who offer 250+ courses for 100+ state-level competitive exam categories (including some of the central-level exams) along with various skill-development courses. The platform target students between 18 to 40 years old which comprise a cross-section of state-level and central-level competitive exam aspirants of various states and individuals who wish to enhance their skills in order to ensure job security in their respective fields.

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