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Top 5 handsome men

Find out which celebrities made our list of the 'Sexiest & handsome Man on the Planet.'

Find out which celebrities made our list of the ‘Sexiest & handsome Man on the Planet.’

  1. Ian Somerhalder -The Vampire Diaries star has a pair of magnificent and piercing blue eyes that seem to pierce directly into your soul. He is a well-known American filmmaker and actor, and he is married to Nikki Reed, with whom he has a child. Aside from being renowned as the Vampire Diaries actor, he has also been in popular films such as Caught on Tape, The Anomaly, The Sensation of Sight, and others.
  2. David Beckham – Once known as the sexiest man alive, David Beckham is known as one of the most bankable athletes. Given his breathtaking looks, no one could argue over him being one of the most handsome men alive. 
  3. Henry Cavill – Cavill has nailed every character he’s played, from Superman to the Witcher. Until today, the British actor has been a part of several famous film productions, including Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, plus Justice League. Because the comedic characters are performed by some of the greatest performers, the race to create an impression was fierce. His hard effort, however, paid off handsomely.
  4. Bradley Cooper – is an ideal match for one of the most beautiful guys alive, with ocean blue eyes and a sensual grin. He is a fantastic performer who has been in several outstanding films and has received two Grammy Awards. Aside from being a talented performer, he is also an enthusiastic cook and fluent in numerous languages. 
  5. Hrithik Roshan – The most beautiful man in the world, a fad among many Indian females. It is the most famous Bollywood actor. Hrithik deserves to be in the top ten rankings since he is lovely, tall, and lovely. His style, dancing movements, and acting abilities contribute to his status as a famous and iconic Bollywood figure. 

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