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Tanishaa Mukerji Explains Why She Decided on Egg Freezing at 39

Tanishaa Mukerji but her doctor warned her against doing so at such a young age.

Tanishaa Mukerji, the actress, is ready to make a comeback with the short film Life Is Short.

In the film, she will portray the character of a disillusioned actress. “It’s a beautiful topic. It’s a film that will leave an impression. We shot it before the epidemic, but it was postponed due to influenza,” Tanishaa explained.

During her interview, she also discussed her choice to freeze her eggs at the age of 39 and her continuous comparisons to her mother, legendary actress Tanuja, and sister Kajol. The actress stated that she intended to freeze her eggs when she was 33, but her doctor warned her against doing so at such a young age.

When asked about her decision, she stated that parenting is a personal choice and that it is OK for women not to have children. If someone cannot produce children, she suggests adopting those who are fighting for a better life. She admitted that when she turned 39, she was hesitant about becoming a mother.

This is why she decided to freeze her eggs. She did, however, acquire a significant amount of weight while undergoing surgery. She stated that a lady who freezes her eggs receives a lot of progesterone, which causes bloating. She went through a rigorous workout regimen after the operation to ensure she was in good shape.

The actress went on to say that it is excellent for women who do not want to be in a relationship or marry. She remembered her grandma as a strong woman who never defined herself with a guy by her side. She said that women were more progressive back then, but that somewhere in the middle, society’s attitudes on women’s marital status worsened.

Tanishaa claims that her mother has always informed her that she does not have to marry to have a child since she was a teenager.

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