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Goldfish has 3 – second memory!

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The orange tones of Goldfish and awful memory are well-known.

There is even one prevalent saying that these beings have just a 3-second reminder. This is a total fallacy that has grown widely and remained largely uncontested for decades despite its lack of scientific support. Goldfish (Carassius auratus) has a considerably longer memory – through weeks, months, and even years. And for more than 60 years, the science behind this has been around.

“The pretty good memories of goldfish have been known to us since the 1950s and 1960s,” added Brown. “They’re knowledgeable, despite what everyone believes.”

Fish intelligence, especially golden fish, has been examined by Brown for over 25 years and believes the misunderstanding originates from a combination of ignorance and guilt about fish intelligence, which pet owners often keep in small, dull aquariums. Brown remarked that Goldfish have great memories and are commonly employed as a standard model in fish studies and learning.

As a result, “there are thousands of studies showing an excellent recall of fish” [for Goldfish], stated Brown. “The rate of publication of these papers is exponentially increasing.” Most of these studies include food. For instance, when you feed Goldfish at one end of your tank, Brown says that you’re quick to find yourself on that side of the tank at the filling times, no matter if it is genuinely fed.

Likewise, if a red paddle is rewarded for food and a blue paddle is not rewarded, Goldfish soon learn to push the red rather than the blue and still prefer this hue long after the trial is over. These trials were also duplicated using other indications, such as blisters and even music, added Brown.
Brown also told us that Goldfish are good solvers for problems. Nets and labyrinths have been taught to escape. Yet, you can still remember how weeks and even months later you can redo these tasks.

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