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Tipping Scales in Men’s Grooming, New York Style Barbershop ‘Chop Shop’ Opens Doors in Kochi

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If you are looking for upkeep on your 9-month-old lockdown beard or are just venturing out for a crisp haircut and fade, your options are sparsely spread, between the neighborhood barber’s chair and that exotically named salon. One is a no-nonsense assembly line and, the other caters to a female-first clientele. Sadly, there existed no options in between up until now. Famed South Playback Singer Vijay Yesudas and acclaimed editorial and advertising photographer Martin Prihoda have set Kochi abuzz with their solution to the men’s grooming conundrum, enter Chop Shop Barber, and Brand.

Touted as a place designed for men by men, it draws inspiration equally from the premium barbershops of New York and the founder’s love for motorcycles. Exposed brick, chrome detailing, and a custom-fitted two-wheeler set in warm woody undertones and the smell of freshly brewed coffee. It is easy to understand its strong appeal to men. Chop Shop distinguishes its services by having assembled the creme de la creme of barbers, each holding the coveted GBBA Level 3 certification and trained by award-winning London based barber Mike Taylor. Whether you are indulging in The Clooney or The Jimmy Dean (Yes, those are services!), you are comforted knowing that you are in the care of the best hands in the country.

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Chop Shop – Barber and Brand

The Chop Shop was founded in 2018 by Martin Prihoda and his wife Tonia Clark, along with Co-founders Kenneth D’Souza and Chris Downer.

Sharing the excitement, Founder Martin Prihoda says to Prittle Prattle News through a press release, “We’re ecstatic to be opening our second Chop Shop in the beautiful South Indian city of Cochin, offering our premium services to a new generation of fashion-forward men. Part Brooklyn garage and New York speakeasy, the Chop Shop oozes a chic 1920’s vibe while offering international and premium men’s grooming services.

Co-founder Kenneth D’Souza says, “I Can’t express how happy I am to know that the men of Kerala are going to have access to an unparalleled North American grooming experience at Chop Shop coupled with an ambiance fit for superstars. We have always wanted to bring a high-quality service concept to South India, and Chop Shop is the epitome of that sentiment.”

Their first location of Chop Shop in Goa delivered on the promise of unmatched standards of quality, professionalism, and hygiene, having amassed a substantial fan following and receiving numerous shout-outs from celebrities like Virat Kohli. The second location in Kochi for the men’s grooming sanctuary is destined to be no different. Its unique charm, service excellence, and community built around men’s self-care have already drawn many enthusiastic patrons as Chop Shop quickly becomes the favorite grooming destination for men in the south.

The brand website: here

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