The day we are waiting eagerly for

The deadly humans waiting desperately for the pandemic to end are praying every day and hoping for a better tomorrow.

The people who couldn’t meet their relatives and the kids missed their vacation during the pandemic are frustrated. Digital media, though, lead to intelligent India but not traditional India, where our kids use to bloom in the garden like flowers.

Rome around like butterflies and enjoy the freedom like humans. one pandemic has ruined our lives. Still, the hope has not been lost by the doctors, nurses, police, and other social workers.

Science is busy preparing the vaccines every day. to destroy this pandemic. Our legends have not lost hope. They seen working throughout the day. Many of them couldn’t even return home. While performing their duty majority of the doctors, paramedical staff had to lose their lives.

We adopt the habit of nature today. Though the sun has not stopped rising in a problematic situation, the moon has not stopped shining, not even the trees have stopped to share their shade, and flowers have not stipped to bloom. Even we as a human will not stop hoping. This is the law of nature that we follow. 
We are looking at the downfall in the national income of the country. We hope to start our work as soon as possible to fix it. Today’s inflation and unemployment will have to be repaired by getting quickly cured to make the nation stand again and compete with the whole world. We realize the mistakes made in the past. We’ll see to it that those mistakes could not be repeated. We hope for a better tomorrow, a better day, a better life, and a better solution.

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