The Study School celebrates its 50th year with a talk on Post Pandemic: Protection (PPP) for children

New Delhi, February 26th, 2022: Shivani Wazir Pasrich (Director, The Study School) organized an open house to celebrate the 50th year of The Study School. The highlights of the programme were the Post Pandemic Protection tips given to parents as children return to school.

Three children with monkey puppets welcomed the speakers to showcase Gandhi ji’s teachings. Motivated and driven towards providing children a beautiful present and a promising future,  Shivani Wazir Pasrich (Director of The Study School) says “The only way to teach children is by example. To have happy children, be calm and patient

Given that the pandemic has had grave repercussions on adults and children, it is noteworthy to state that children have been deprived of what is called a normal childhood which has hampered their growth and mental development. Serving the cause of providing good health to children Dr. Vidya Gupta (Paediatrician from Apollo Hospital) says “Children under two years of age do not need to be masked however children over two should wear masks to school to protect other children.

In the past two years many children sat at home and spent most of their time on screens. Parents had no options and many restricted children from going outdoors. How can one compensate for the dire effects of prolonged screen time and house arrest? asked a parent. Dr. Ishi Khosla (Clinical Nutritionist and Founder of Whole Foods) said “Parents need to make healthy food fun for children. Offer them what you want them to choose.

The Study School will launch a collaborative compilation of imaginative Tiffin Ideas with parents of the school on the 25th of March. Mrs. Hemant Pasrich (Founder, of The Study School) said “We started the school in 1972 in the house of the then President of India and we have had a wonderful journey
Over the past 50 years of excellence, they have demarcated its methodology of teaching and nurturing children in unique ways. With their Froebelian method of teaching integrated with elements of Play Way and Montessori pedagogy, children are encouraged to consistently exceed educational standards and to simultaneously develop a joy in learning which will serve them for a lifetime.

As they celebrated their 50th year, they focused on Gandhiji’s teachings in a most special way that is –

1) HEAR positive words

2) EAT healthy foods

3) SEE everything

As the music played, the children and parents did yoga together, indulged in pottery and enjoyed high tea.

About The Study School

The Study School was established on 5th January 1972 with the moral support of a highly regarded institution in Montreal, Canada, of the same name which was incorporated in 1922. Mrs. Hemant Pasrich, taught in Montreal where parents were initially surprised and then delighted that their children were learning English, Drama and Elocution from an Indian. She found it an extremely rewarding experience and decided that she would make a start towards The Study in India. The Study School aims to provide a broad-based foundation where life skills are imparted in a safe learning environment. We prepare the children for when they enter bigger schools and we enable them to make better choices.

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