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A Dance and Fitness startup “Godatu” the new talk of the town

Godatu is a one-stop platform for dance and fitness to create your profile with your content on this application.

By Sakshi Malhotra

A Dance and Fitness startup “Godatu” the new talk of the town

A complete package of Dance and Fitness application is now looming in India

New Delhi, 24th November 2020: Dance and Fitness is a performing art that anyone can learn. Dancing is a passion that enables you to find yourself. There’s a vibrant history of the art and creativity of dancing; there are many famous names who have won our hearts with their moves. Earlier, we needed to take proper training from the masters in person, to learn dancing, but now there’s a whole new technology that connects us with various masters of dance and trainers. Carrying the same passion and enthusiasm, a new startup, “Godatu” is the talk of the town. It’sIt’s an International application that is solemnly dedicated to dancers where dance schools and dance enthusiasts come from across the world. It is a social networking app, offers a unique and appealing experience for all users.

Godatu is a one-stop platform for dance and fitness to create your profile with your content on this application. There are various dance forms that you can find on the Godatu app like Belly Dance, Hip Hop, Contemporary, etc. Godatu gives you the experience to interact with people through Dance, Fitness, and Yoga from across the world. You can also conduct your classes on the Godatu application; along with this; you can also create events related to dance and fitness workshops or any yoga camp. It is a single dance application that enables its users to earn with their skills. It is a great success in the international audience; in the USA, Godatu users’ statistics are higher compared to other countries.

Raul Brady, Co-Founder of Godatu said to Prittle Prattle News by sharing a press release, “Being a Dance and Fitness Enthusiast, I always inculcate that I have to do something big in the field of dancing. So, I started with Godatu in 2018, and it’s been a discovering ride for me. I have come across such talented people who want to achieve, eights in Dance and Fitness, and I am so happy to see that today dancing opts as a career option. Godatu is made for such people and its audience who are truly based on performing dance and fitness activities. Our vision is to turn the world into anyone’s stage with Godatu. We are proud to say that we are a team of professional dancers with a collective experience of over 50 years in dance forms and fitness, including but not limited to Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Indian, Salsa, Ballet and who have dedicated their lives to learning and teaching dance and fitness. Godatu believes in creating the opportunity for such people who have a passion for dancing and fitness.”

About Godatu

Godatu is an online app to motivate your workout routines. They have the best trainers for dance, yoga, and fitness. They have been associated with dancers and fitness enthusiasts across the globe, and since their passion for dance and fitness runs deep, they wanted to share their love, emotions, and intense desire to learn more about dance and fitness. Godatu uses the best in technology to give a world-class experience. You can easily download the app from the Google play store and Apple store and create a profile of yours and post images and videos. Make them go viral with the power of the hashtags. Add and follow dancers and fitness enthusiasts worldwide and organize dance and fitness workshops on the Godatu platforms.

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