The first D2C Brand Architects, Zashed Fashionverse is working on a twisted Thrasio model

Zashed Fashionverse has successfully established itself as the country’s sole ‘D2C Brand Architects’, creating turn-key D2C brands within a short span of time. It is an expert in helping garment exporters, textile and processing houses, entrepreneurs and visionaries set up their own D2C tech businesses and become global icons and also picking up equity at the pre-seed stage itself.

D2C is a 100 Billion dollar addressable market by 2025. With the digital transformation and COVID-19 pandemic which restricted people movement, the traditional retail market has seen a dramatic shift towards a digital, Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) model with consumers opting to buy directly from brand websites. Wherein the Thrasio based model has been a success mantra in this space of D2C in recent times, Zashed has put a twist to this model by being the D2C brand creators from scratch with equity in the brands from the initial stage thriving to build a D2C brand community.

Zashed Fashionverse is the only company to collaborate in fashion events with Myntra and Amazon to launch new and unique D2C brands. It has an in-house content creation lab. Soon, it will be including 25 new-age brands under its banner . With its strong supply chain network, Zashed Fashionverse is also building an AR infused platform, which will solely promote and sell product lines by homegrown brands which will be on a Y2P concept ( Yarn to platform ). Zashed is assembling then proven and profitable model of backend supply chain of “Zara” using Indian manufacturing set-up building a power house supply chain without holding loads of inventory and taking the Thrasio model under forward integration cutting dependency on external channels of sales which does not allow the brands to operate under Pure-play. Bridging the gap seamlessly.

According to Mithun Bhardwaj, Founder, Zashed Fashionverse, ” Zashed is empowering the people from the backend supply chain to evolve from plinth to paramount with forward integration. Its focus is to create concept-driven scalable brands that provide more scope for related business. The model has helped in social drives, specifically for labourers in manufacturing. When International businesses were pulling off contracts due to the pandemic, Zashed Fashionverse helped numerous brands to establish themselves in the market.”

Zashed Fashionverse foresees foray into tech based product lines with a zero-inventory model. Besides its innovative app, it has plans of a breakthrough Phygital store in the pipeline, which will redefine the online shopping experience. It will soon contribute to 1.5% – 2 % growth of the $100 bn D2C market(in India). Fashion has the highest potential of $43.2 Bn by 2025 among the D2C market sub-segments.

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