Shobha Yatra, Cultural Tourism, Teachings of Shivaji Maharaj at this Gudi Padwa 2022 celebrations

Saisha Foundation Mumbai hosts 2-day long event to mark Chaitrotsav with a special show of Sangeet Swarajyagatha

Mumbai, With the lull and restrictions brought about by COVID-19 gave way after two years. in Maharashtra, the Marathi New Year, or Gudi Padwa was celebrated with enthusiasm. Promoting cultural tourism and Marathi culture, Saisha Foundation Mumbai kicked off the 2 day long “Chaitrotsav Festival” at Dhepewada near Pune on 2nd April 2022. The traditional Gudi Padwa ‘Shobha Yatra’ (procession in traditional clothes and dances) was taken out in which participants from ages 18 to 83 took part. Dhepewada was adorned with traditional decorations creating a mind-blowing atmosphere giving it a feel of how our ancestors used to celebrate Gudi Padwa. Musical on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, “Sangeet Shivswarajyagatha” was performed by Show Director Padmashree Rao and her troupe on this occasion.

“This year’s Gudi Padwa has brought a different kind of enthusiasm. There is a different kind of satisfaction on everyone’s face as they have been freed from the restrictions of the last two years. Shobha Yatra is an integral part of Gudi Padwa celebrations in Maharashtra which showcases our culture and in this auspicious atmosphere, we are happy to be able to relive these moments with our family and friends” shared composer, writer Anil Nalawade.

“This event was organized to show how traditionally Gudi Padwa was celebrated and that it should remain in the minds of the younger generation forever. We planned a unique combination of “Sangeet Shivswarajyagatha along with a traditional Marathi new year celebrations by Saisha Foundation Mumbai which are aimed at creating awareness about nation-building and instilling traditional values in the newer generation as well as help create new memories for the older generation” shared, Show Director, Padmashree Rao.

“Saisha Foundation Mumbai is coming up with several enriching events and activities across the country which has an emphasis on nation-building. We are all set to perform in Ladakh in July, a move towards boosting cultural tourism and development of national character building in current times”, Padmashree Rao further adds.
Coined after a decade of research, Sangeet Shivswarajyagatha highlights the teachings and administrative excellence of the Shivshahi Era emphasizing Management, Effective leadership skills of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Forts and Fortification, importance of having a naval force, and lesser-known Maratha soldiers & warriors like Bajiprabhu Deshpande, Shiva Kashid, Ramaji Pangera, Suryarao Kakade, Firangoji Narsala and more.
Conceptualized in 2011 as Shivrudrache Digvijayi Tandav the show is now known as ‘Sangeet Shivswarajyagatha’, by Saisha Foundation Mumbai the show has sensitized and empowered several young minds including students at IIM Ahmedabad. There is a total of 42 original, well-researched songs in the musical, written and composed by Anil Nalawade, which describes daring adventures of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s life, his unique battle techniques, his vision of Hindavi Swarajya, and most importantly the dedication and valor with which he as the Leader entrusted faith upon his bravehearts and all of them together as a Team worked towards building a great nation.

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