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Kerala – land of attractions

Kerala The greatest way to conclude your day and start a romantic night is to watch the sunset over Kerala's blue ocean beaches.

Kerala: The God’s Own Country is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations and the ideal honeymoon location.

It is also recognized as “Land of God,” is thought to be a gift from the Arabian Sea. Gorgeous and Exotic Beaches, Breathtaking Hill Stations, Enchanting Waterfalls, Beautiful Lagoons, Meandering Rivers, and Amazing Natural Scenarios are all part of Kerala’s pride. Kerala has become a land of beauty and heaven on earth as a result of these colours. Kerala is also known for Ayurvedic treatments, high mountains, gorges, and deep-cut valleys, lush and evergreen rain forests, and coconut water, oil, and cuisine.

Kerala houseboats are the first and finest choice of tourists who want to enjoy their time in Kerala’s lovely lakes. The Idukki dam, located on the Periyar River in Kerala, is the first Indian arch dam and Asia’s largest arch dam. Kerala can also be explored through shopping, museums, and markets. Follow these steps to see some of Kerala’s best sights.

Beaches: The gods have bestowed upon Kerala the gifts of sea, sand, and sun, making it the land of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Kerala Backwaters has a number of beaches that are ideal for spending quality time with your loved one. Kovalam, Cherai, Varkala, Kappad, Muzhappilangad, and Bekal are some of Kerala’s top beaches. The greatest way to conclude your day and start a romantic night is to watch the sunset over Kerala’s blue ocean beaches.

Sports: Kerala’s Exotic Beaches are ideal for surfing, rafting, and a variety of other ocean water sports. Kerala is one of India’s greatest scuba diving and snorkelling destinations. Kerala is also recognised for a type of martial art known as Kalarippayattu — a new perspective on Kerala’s traditional martial art.

Mountain climbing, trekking, camping, and kayaking on Kerala’s rippling rivers are examples of sports that everybody can enjoy. After these sports, ayurvedic treatments in Kerala are the finest method to relax and feel rejuvenated.

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