Pritamdas Peshwani from Pune became an Amazon Flex Partner at the age of 51

Pune, Pune-based Pritamdas Peshwani has been riding his auto rickshaw for close to 35 years.

This was what he knows best, and since the age of 18 it enabled him to earn his livelihood, raise two children, and manage all his household expenses, until the onset of COVID-19. Due to the pandemic-induced lockdown in March 2020, he could not drive his auto-rickshaw, which severely impacted his income. Instead of being deterred by the situation and giving up, he started exploring part-time work opportunities that would allow him to be financially independent and remain active. In June 2020, Pritamdas found out about the Amazon Flex Program from his neighbour, who is also an Amazon Flex delivery partner, and enrolled immediately after understanding the flexible and part time working model of the program.

Pritamdas has been a part of the program for close to two years now. The program’s flexibility allows Pritamdas to pick his delivery schedule according to his convenience, have enough time to ride his autorickshaw during the day to ferry passengers, and spend quality time with his family. The opportunity to be his own boss and create his own work schedules makes the Amazon Flex program a convenient and accessible option for Pritamdas.

He is fond of old Bollywood classics and enjoys watching them in the evenings after delivering Amazon packages. He takes inspiration from movies and implements it in his daily life. He says, “We will be alive till our body is active. Hence, we should find opportunities to work and keep ourselves busy irrespective of our age.” This is one of the reasons why he chose to become an Amazon Flex partner at the age of 51 and deliver smiles to customers. “Becoming an Amazon Flex Partner has been the start of the second innings of my life and I am enjoying every bit of it. With the program, I am not only earning additional income, but also happiness and respect of the customers,” Pritamdas further adds.

Karuna Shankar Pande, Director – Last Mile Operations, Amazon India says, “Amazon India is committed to creating meaningful work opportunities for individuals from all walks of life. It is inspiring to learn about Pritamdas, who chose to become an Amazon Flex Partner at the age of 51 to continue being financially independent. As the Amazon Flex program continues to expand across the country, we hope Pritamdas’ story will serve as an inspiration to many others.”
The Amazon Flex program creates part-time opportunities for individuals to further their earning potential by delivering Amazon packages to customers in their free time. Any individual, including those whose circumstances do not fit the pattern of traditional work, can sign up for the program through the Amazon Flex App.
About Amazon Flex Program:
Amazon Flex is an innovative opportunity for individuals to create their own schedule and earn part-time income by delivering Amazon packages to customers during their spare time. The part-time work opportunity has been designed for individuals whose commitments do not suit the patterns of traditional work. This could include housewives, students, or others, who can work part-time, choose their own schedule, supplement their existing income and work around family or personal commitments. Launched in 2019, the company has created part-time opportunities for thousands of individuals to further their earning potential by delivering packages to customers in their free time. The program is now available in more than 65 cities in India. Amazon Flex enables individuals to be their own boss by delivering Amazon packages.

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