05 Articles of All Time That were best for Marketing

05 Articles of All Time That were best for Marketing : One of the best habits to consider if a show or movie is worthwhile is to see how many people have watched it. Whether it’s the hit TV show Friends or the classic film Forrest Gump, most people will never pass up the chance to see Ross pivot his sofa or Forrest develop into a ping pong celebrity – even if they’ve already seen it 27 times.

Compared to television and cinema, content marketing is still in its infancy. Yet, some of our industry’s top authors and magazines have already created articles that we regard as the Friends of Forrest Gump of the field.

  1. Article: What Accomplishes Today’s Marketing Look Like in Terms of Invention?
    “It’s difficult to choose a favorite marketing piece, but HBR’s ‘What Imagination in Marketing Looks Like Today’ has had a lasting impact on me.” Mark Bonchek and Cara France do a fantastic job of distilling the wisdom of senior marketing executives from dozens of well-known organizations, from Old Navy to OpenTable. One of my favorite phrases is “people are the new channel.” Increasing your effect via inspiring people’s creativity is a wonderful method. Finally, I’m a big fan of Harvard Business Review, and this article, in particular, is worth reading if you want to learn more concerning how top companies distinguish themselves in today’s demand.”
  2. Article: 
    We looked at the results of 11.8 million Google inquiries. What We’ve Discovered About SEO
    “Half data, part SEO lesson, this is one of Brian Dean’s best pieces. Even though the algorithm has changed since its first introduction, this article can help novice marketers grasp how and why SEO works. It’s an SEO how-to guide, but the how-to and data supporting each SEO strategy component are missing. This essay appeals to us because it reminds us that, while the Google algorithm changes daily, one thing stays constant: search engine optimization must put people first.”
  3. Article: 
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is Back. Thank you, God.
    “This essay took a perfect stance on search engine optimization (SEO) and how it has stood the test of time as new channels are added to a marketer’s arsenal. Many articles emphasize the importance of SEO, but few examine how sites like Google influence how consumers search for, consume and expect to see material on the internet. In an industry filled with fraud and clickbait, the study endorses ranking algorithms’ positive role. It’s something that both customers and advertisers can profit from, and it’s given me a newfound respect for New York Magazine after reading it.”
  4. Article: 
    How Google Analytics Has Destroyed the Marketing Industry
    “We tend to value data over the emotional appeal, relatability, and empathy in our field” (well, maybe those are all the same thing). This is one of our favored essays because it takes us back to the beginnings of marketing and explains why it’s so important to look at a brand’s success across all channels. As a result, marketing has become increasingly impersonal. Above all, creativity takes precedence over figures and complex data. People will remember — and like — a creative, focused campaign that reappears more than a spam-like one that appears everywhere.”
  5. Article:
    How to 10x Your Content
    “This is a content marketing classic, and it’s most likely the first piece you’ll ever read as a content marketer.” You’ve probably seen one of Moz’s whiteboard Fridays if you’re familiar with the company. After the rise of the industry cliche “Content is king,” Rand Fishkin created a roadmap for developing what he calls “10X content.” This tutorial will teach you how to develop robust and authoritative content that can attract more readers and help you increase your rankings years after it was first published.”

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