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Countries where Sun doesn’t set

We've compiled a list of ten sites throughout the world where night never falls

by Prittle Prattle Team
Countries where Sun doesn’t set

Countries : There are a lot of bizarre locations in the world that make it hard to believe they exist. However, when we are confronted with the truth, we are not only astonished, but it also serves as a wake-up call. Imagine being informed that there are regions on the planet where there are no sunsets for 73 or 76 days. So, what are your thoughts? You’ll undoubtedly be astonished.

Countries where Sun doesn’t set: You squint your eyes. Even the natives are sometimes confused. The sunsets at midnight, illuminating the shoreline, towns and villages, craggy mountain formations, and seemingly endless inland plateaus with its yellow radiance.

Countries where Sun doesn’t set: Hammerfest -Norway

With roughly 8,000 inhabitants, Hammerfest is one of the world’s northernmost cities and one of Northern Norway’s oldest. Because it is part of the Struve Geodetic Arc, UNESCO has designated it as a World Heritage Site. In this metropolis, the sun sets at 12:43 a.m. and rises again in just 40 minutes. Norway is comprehended around the world for its untouched beauty. It is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. Not only that, but the folks here are also incredibly health-conscious. The most striking characteristic of Norway, though, is its natural beauty. The Arctic Circle passes across this country.


It is Europe’s second-largest island after the United Kingdom, and it is also the only country without mosquitoes. The nights in Iceland during the summer are clear and white. The sun never entirely sets throughout June. The Arctic Circle’s Grimsey Island and Akureyri’s city are two of the best spots to see the Midnight Sun.

Countries where Sun doesn’t set: Kiruna, Swedish Lapland

Kiruna is Sweden’s northernmost city, with a population of 19,000 people. The sun does not set for roughly 100 days from May to August. The Swedish regard Kiruna’s Art Nouveau church as Sweden’s most beautiful architectural work or item.

Nunavut, Canada

Nunavut, a city of slightly over 3,000 people in Canada’s Northwest Territories, is located two degrees above the Arctic Circle. In the winter, you may expect roughly 30 days of complete darkness, but you can expect two months of uninterrupted sunlight in the summer.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg is the world’s northernmost city, with over a million people. Because it sits at such a high latitude, the sun does not set far enough below the horizon for the sky to darken for a month and a half.

Svalbard, Norway

It is the home of polar bears and is located between 74° and 82° north latitude, but it is also the only place in the world where the sun does not set for four months between mid-April and mid-July. When you go there, you can see the northern lights.

Yukon, Canada

Yukon is renowned as the Land of the Midnight Sun because of its beautiful sky and endless summer light. The metropolis is the world’s second-largest country covered in snow for much of the year. During the summer, though, the sun shines for 50 days straight in the north-western area of the city. All of this provides for a pristine environment, complete with wildflowers and a diverse range of migrating birds.

Qaanaaq, Greenland

With fewer than 650 people, the city is located in Greenland’s far north. Its winters are extended and cold, and its evenings are so stunning that no human words can sufficiently describe them. The midnight sunshine lasts two and a half months, and people must sleep with black curtains to fall drowsing during that period.

Barrow, Alaska

Utqiagvik is a small city with a little over 4,500 people built below freezing, resulting in bitterly cold and windy winters. The sun does not set in this location for three months (late May to late July). However, it compensates for the fact that the sun does not rise for the next 30 days beginning in November, known as the polar night.

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