Caravans by Carvaa Travelers for a perfect Weekend Getaway

This season, caravans will be the most preferred and convenient choice of commute to avoid the shackles of mundane travelling while safety being the key priority. Caravans by Carvaa Travelers for a comfortable road trip experience within the country at an affordable price.

Their caravans are fully equipped with all the essentials that might come in handy while one is on the roads such as a well-stocked Kitchenette, utensils, drinking water and water for other purposes, washroom, camping tents, a portable music speaker, pillows and quilts, among other things. Currently, they have two caravans operating namely, ‘Fine’ and ‘Rare’ that can accommodate a number of 5 and 3 people respectively.

The bookings and transfers are not limited to only Delhi/NCR or nearby locations. These can be sent outside of India at a nominal additional charge. The charges include 50% of the van’s per day rental till it reaches the location along with fuel charges and state/toll taxes.

This news was shared to Prittle Prattle News via press release.

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