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Neil Gaiman has announced a TV sequel to his novel “Good Omens”

Fans of ‘Good Omens’ will be happy to hear this! ‘Good Omens’ was co-written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett in 1990, and while the book does not have a sequel, Gaiman has stated that season two of the program will be released shortly after the show’s enormous success on television.

Gaiman made the news on his website on June 29, which resulted in his website crashing shortly after, owing to the high volume of visitors.

Gaiman also stated that, while he and Pratchett didn’t create a sequel to ‘Good Omens,’ they did outline a concept for one! When Gaiman and Pratchett were visiting a convention in Seattle in 1989, they discussed expanding the storyline.

Both authors were sharing a hotel room to save money, and they “plotted the sequel to ‘Good Omens'” in the middle of the night when they couldn’t sleep.

Terry Pratchett and I were given a room at the World Fantasy Convention in Seattle many, many times ago (it was Hallowe’en 1989, for the curious, the year before ‘Good Omens’ was written), to keep costs down, because we were both young authors, and taking ourselves to America and conventions was expensive… ‘Good Omens’ had just been sold to the UK and then US publishers for more money than Terry and I had ever made.

It was also an excellent one. We had every intention of writing it when we next got three or four months off. Only I moved to the United States, while Terry stayed in the United Kingdom. Following the publication of Good Omens, Sandman became SANDMAN, and Discworld became DISCWORLDTM, and there was never a good moment. But it’s something we’ll never forget. “On his website, Gaiman said.

Gaiman continued, “Sharing this will now form the basis of a second season of the TV show.” “It’s been thirty-one years since the publication of ‘Good Omens,’ which means it’s been thirty-two years since Terry Pratchett and I plotted the sequel in our respective beds in a Seattle hotel room at a World Fantasy Convention.

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