Experience the best of ColorOS 13 features rolling out on your favorite Oppo smartphones now

The official rollout of OPPO’s latest ColorOS 13 has begun in India. Boosted by OPPO’s latest tech innovations, it brings in a refreshing UI experience with the Aquamorphic design and smart multi-device connections.

ColorOS 13 provides various intelligent features covering every aspect of life and work.

OPPO has partnered with world-leading software and service providers, including Bitmoji, Spotify, Swiggy, and Zomato, to provide wide range of convenient and personalized experiences through the Smart Always-On Display.

The proprietary Dynamic computing engine brings significant improvements to ColorOS 13 increased battery life with an Eco-friendly Always-On Display and the ability to run more apps open in the background.

ColorOS has transformed, and here are the top 5 features of the new OS that will change your smartphone experience for good.

1. Always-on display for multitasking

The Smart Always-On Display in ColorOS 13 can now display information related to music and food delivery apps, giving users quicker access to information and more convenient control over music playback and other functions. OPPO haspartnered with world-leading software and service providers, including Bitmoji, Spotify, Swiggy, and Zomato, to offer localized customization to users.

When digital clutter has peaked for users, OPPO has brought this feature to help users with their digital well-being.

Due to OPPO’s industry-leading LTPO2.0 technology, the Always-On Display refresh rate is reduced to just 1 hertz to save 30% power consumption for some scenarios.

Other intelligent home screen management features like Large Folders, Shelves, and Home Screen Widgets also help users efficiently and quickly access the information they need in the best way.

2. Multi-screen connect
One of the most significant updates on ColorOS 13 is the improved multi-device user experience. Multi-Screen Connect now supports seamless connectivity between OPPO smartphones and OPPO Pad Air as well as OPPO smartphones and PC, boosting productivity and convenience through file transfer that supports more file formats without hardware limitations.
Users connecting their smartphone to a PC via Multi-Screen Connect will also benefit from being able to display multiple mobile apps simultaneously on the PC screen.
3. Meeting Assistant
With online meetings becoming increasingly common following the Covid-19 pandemic, OPPO has developed the industry’s first Meeting Assistant for a smartphone.
The meeting assistant can automatically prioritize wireless data packages to provide a more stable connection during online calls.
It also simplifies banner notifications to minimize distractions while allowing users to add an OPPO Notes shortcut that helps to take meeting notes in a small pop-up window.
4. Dynamic Computing Engine
This is OPPO new system-level technical solutions, developed in-house to deliver a more smooth and more stable system and improve the user experience.
The engine brings two significant improvements to ColorOS 13, increased battery life and the ability to keep more apps open in the background. OPPO’s Dynamic Computing Engine improves the scheduling of hardware resources to extend battery life by achieving a better balance between high performance and low power consumption.
It also helps to keep more apps alive in the background, making it possible to switch between multiple apps without experiencing lag while changing. Aquamorphic Design
5. Design for Tranquillity
Inspired by water’s fluidity in nature, OPPO has introduced a brand-new Aquamorphic Design on ColorOS 13 to create a vibrant and inclusive UI.
ColorOS 13 features a new theme palette inspired by the changing light color between sunrise and sunset at sea level, along with the new system font that improves the readability of system text in any language.
With other upgrades like a Card-styled Layout, ColorOS 13 is designed to deliver a seamless visual experience based on Aquamorphic Design.
ColorOS 13 has officially started rolling out in some of your chosen OPPO smartphones, such as Reno8 Pro 5G, Reno8 5G and K10 5G.
The beta version is ongoing for the Reno7 series, F21 Pro 5G, Reno6 series, F19 Pro+, A96, and A76, to name a few.
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