Untitled frontier publishes new story utilizing NFTs & AI art

Working with art historian/writer, Vanessa Rosa, and AI art expert, Gene Kogan, the crypto press, Untitled Frontier, published its third story: “Little Martians & The Human Memorial Monument.”

Using NFTs as digital merchandise, Untitled Frontier has successfully managed to chart a new way for short science fiction writers.

In previous releases, writers have made more than $10,000 each from their short stories.

In this new short story that’s free to read and listen to, a girl in the far future, Diana, comes to terms with her new reality after an adventure through humanity’s memorial.

Readers are able to support the story until 16th of May 2022, by purchasing smart contract generative art in the form of “Little Martians” & generative AI art scenes NFTs in collaboration with pioneer Gene Kogan.

“Taking the Little Martians to a new story universe with Untitled Frontier and getting supported by sales of NFTs has a lot of potential for writers!”

The writer and artist Vanessa Rosa said,

The machine learning NFTs expert, Gene Kogan, said, “It was a joy to employ new techniques in machine learning to craft 3 dimension zoom to Vanessa’s existing artwork.

This intersection of storytelling, AI, and web3 NFTs will change stories forever.”

About Untitled Frontier

Untitled Frontier was founded by Ethereum pioneer Simon de la Rouviere. He has co-designed the most popular token standard (ERC20), invented token bonding curves, and recently published his debut novel.

His crypto artwork has found critical acclaim through magazines like Bijutsu Techo, & exhibitions from the State Hermitage in pushing boundaries of art through crypto.

Untitled Frontier continues to push the boundary of art, storytelling, and technology.

About Vanessa Rosa

Vanessa Rosa is a Brazilian visual artist and art historian. She creates projects that mixes public art, community activities, technological experiments and historical research, usually having painting as her main medium.

She has done mural paintings, exhibitions and other projects in South and North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.
Some of the most important projects include: the children’s book ‘Diana’s World’, a painting about domestic violence for UN Women, a large scale mural for Pioneer Works (New York City), participation in Street Heroines Documentary, mural for Le Centre in Cotonou (West Africa), and coordinated the Sankofa project during Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games (an anti racism community painting).

About Gene Kogan

Gene Kogan is a leading artist and programmer with interests in generative art, collective intelligence, autonomous systems, and computer science.
He is the creator of the popular open source software: machine learning for artists (ml4a) and is attempting to build the first artist in the cloud.
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