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Transform Your Digital Assets into Multiple Indian Language from TECHVED BHAASHA

TECHVED Consulting, world’s leading Digital Transformation and Design-Led engineering powerhouse launch ‘TECHVED BHAASHA’, one-stop for all multilingual digital needs

 With the rising adoption of Digitalization and the global nature of the web, the demand for Multilingual services is also rising. Supporting multiple languages opens your content, products and services to the new market and additional customers, but the question is how to go for it. How can one keep up with pace of today’s world of diversified languages? Therefore, TECHVED Consulting has launched multilingual platform TECHVED BHAASHA to help the clients to communicate in their customers language. 

India is one of the most religiously and ethnically diverse nations and with that it’s also the center of multiple languages and dialects. Hence, there is a growing demand for local language based content. As the internet usage behavior has evolved, people may demand to consume the content or service in their own language. Especially in Tier II and Tier III cities where digital multilingualism is the need of the hour. With TECHVED BHAASHA, industries can cater to all markets including the Tier II and Tier III audience. It will help the clients to communicate with their audience in preferred language. This will allow more rapid decision making, clarity of the products/services, and increase in productivity. 

Industry reports indicate that 40 per cent of investors will come from Tier II and Tier III cities. E-tailers experienced 40-60% growth in sales during 2020 festive season. According to the report, customer support would become hyper-personalized with multilingual services. For Tier II and Tier III cities, localized customer support in regional languages and dialects will help businesses and brands to gain a competitive edge. The customer support will be tech-driven with automated ticketing, live chatbots, advanced CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and omnichannel support. Therefore, BHAASHA’s multi-language service will boost the overall customer engagement and satisfaction. 

About TECHVED Consulting 

TECHVED Consulting is a global leader in Digital Transformation and Design-Led Engineering. Headquartered in Mumbai, India with a worldwide presence across major Indian cities and across the  globe TECHVED is transforming local and global businesses. We serve diverse industries including spread across various sectors including BFSI, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Automobile, E-Commerce, lifestyle, hospitality, telecommunication, aviation, etc.

In 2007, co-founders, Mr. Mohar V, and Ms. Neha Modgil, CEO and COO respectively, started TECHVED with a small team. Presently, this venture has been serving since one and a half decade, giving undeniable, front line digital solutions to the top organizations across the globe. TECHVED has consistently been the best in catering to brands around the world with high quality Customer Experience in this digital era. The aim is to digitally empower companies in all industries and realms with their services like Humanized AI Chatbot, Web & Mobility Solutions, Customer Experience Strategy, Accessibility Compliance etc, and growing forward with futuristic technologies like Blockchain and IoT.

This news was shared to Prittle Prattle News via press release.

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