Schneider Electric and Claroty Announce New Cybersecure Remote Connection, Leveraging Digital to Improve Sustainability, Resilience, and Efficiency

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced its offering of Connected Services enabled by the Cybersecure Remote Connection in collaboration with Claroty the leading security company for cyber-physical systems across industrial, healthcare, and commercial environments.

Schneider Electric teams up with Claroty.
Maintaining cybersecurity for physical assets is a critical issue. “Without a secure cyber way to connect, services teams were limited to either providing support from a distance via phone or taking the time and expense to travel onsite,” said Jessica Owen, APAC Connected Services Lead with Schneider Electric. “The joint solution with Claroty provides an avenue for support teams to see and analyze as much information as they would have access to when arriving onsite, but at the speed of our modern digital world.”

The customer controls all access, and IT managers appreciate that the connection data is transparent. Overall, system cybersecurity is enhanced with Claroty’s end-to-end encryption and secure authentication.

The Cybersecurity Remote Connection gives customers immediate, direct access to the experts behind Schneider Electric’s Digital Services. For industries like manufacturing, energy generation, and mining, minerals & metals (MMM), prompt resolution of problems translates into millions of dollars captured in production optimization. When problems lead to downtime, even more money is at stake: unplanned downtime costs industrial manufacturers an estimated $50 billion per year (Deloitte).

“Schneider Electric Process Automation is leading the digital space by offering customers a complete portfolio of remote, connected services with this new offering,” said Nick Nindra, APJ Channel Sales Lead at Claroty. “We are proud to enhance this advance with the Claroty Platform, which is purpose-built for the unique operational, administrative, and security needs of industrial networks.” Once activated, the Cybersecure Remote Connection acts as a frictionless, reliable, and highly secure remote access gateway to the OT environment, letting Schneider Electric experts operate remotely. “It’s as if the expert providing support is right there in the control room, and the connection is as quick as making a phone call,” Nindra explains.

Reduce MTTR with Connected Services
Connected Services provide a clear advantage by significantly reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) in a number of ways: When an alarm alerts operators to a problem, and they call for support, instead of relying on traditional over-the-phone verbal communication methods, customers can activate the Cybersecure Remote Connection, and their Schneider Electric support engineer can commence resolution activities immediately upon logging in. Many issues that would have previously required the additional time and expense of travel can now be resolved quickly and efficiently through the Cybersecure Remote Connection’s virtual portal. In cases where site attendance is still required to resolve the issue, the support engineer can arrive at the plant already knowing the full details of the situation and equipped to resolve the matter faster.

The Cybersecurity Remote Connection also enables ongoing system health checks. Experts from Schneider Electric’s Connected Services team can log in as often as a customer wants to run a health check and proactively address issues.

Schneider Electric’s Connected Services Help Customers Maximize Value; businesses today rely on digital, connected technology to remain competitive. Schneider Electric has designed its digital service offerings to help customers extract the most value from their connected assets. Expert engineers combine their proficiencies with cutting-edge technology to analyze data and proactively identify the intervention areas that can bring the most value to customers. The Claroty Platform provides an additional layer to bring customers and Schneider Electric’s digital service experts together for even faster, more efficient, and always a secure collaboration.

With digitization, the rate of Internet-connected devices connecting people-to-people, people-to-devices, and devices-to-devices is accelerating rapidly. Schneider Electric’s Connected Services help customers extract the most value from connected assets. Using cutting-edge technology in a secure cyber connection while leveraging our expert engineers allows us to deliver reactive, proactive, and predictive maintenance for connected assets. From the day-to-day management of maintenance activities to predicting hardware failure, we can ensure customers avoid unplanned downtime and maximize plant and asset efficiency. Schneider Electric’s digital offerings continue to evolve and grow to empower continuing digital transformation for customers, and Cybersecure Remote Connection is the newest addition.

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