SARAL showcases e-commerce technology advances to simplify e-commerce selling

SARAL, India’s largest e-commerce summit by Unicommerce, celebrated the role of technology in catalyzing the growth of India’s e-commerce industry.

Held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi, the day-long event focussed on building efficient online businesses through adoption of the technology tools.

“What ONDC does is that it unbundles each process that makes an ecommerce transaction possible. The seller, the buyer, the payment system and the logistics service, making each component a separate service and enabling these independent services to interact with each other on a standardized protocol. With collaborative efforts, we want to take the network to Tier II, Tier II towns and villages and empower local vendors and entrepreneurs by providing them with a global platform and build capacities that can help these vendors fulfil the demand of not just the local market but eventually emerge as national players”.

Hon’ble Additional Secretary DPIIT Shri Anil Agrawal was the chief guest at the event and shared his thoughts in a keynote address
  • SARAL by Unicommerce witnessed attendance by 1000+ retailer brands
  • Showcased best practices that bring e-commerce efficiency and great consumer experience
  • SARAL 2022, a mega e-commerce Summit provided a unique learning experience and a discussion platform for ecommerce companies and retail brands

The summit also featured a highly anticipated fireside chat between Mr Shireesh Joshi, Chief Business officer of ONDC, and Kapil Makhija, CEO of Unicommerce on how ONDC is poised to be a game changer for India’s retail industry.

“Today, e-commerce takes place only when somebody has stitched together the entire end to end process and when both the buyer and the seller are registered on the same platform. We have built ONDC as a flexible capability that allows a combination of many elements of a jigsaw to come together and interact with each other. With ONDC, E-commerce will change from a fixed predefined solution to a flexible system where buyer and sellers will be connected based on their requirements. Just the way payments are made using UPI where two parties are transacting with each other on a unified network but through different banking channels, ONDC will empower ecommerce brands and sellers to reach a much wider audience”

Mr Joshi said

Each year, Unicommerce organises SARAL with a vision of helping sellers in simplifying e-commerce selling. SARAL 2022 witnessed participation from 1000+ retail brands and ecommerce companies and was attended by business leaders from various e-commerce-related industries such as 3PL Players, e-commerce enablers, performance marketers, accounting companies, WMS Providers, marketplaces and retail Consultants.

The summit also recognised and felicitated companies that have built a strong online presence in the last year and showcased a promising future.

The summit helped businesses understand the importance of great shopping experiences in building a strong online business.

The retailers attending the event got a chance to connect with some of the biggest e-commerce enablers of India, which helped them explore new avenues and instilled confidence amongst retail brands about building a robust online business.

The panel discussions covered topics about all the prominent aspects of building an online business ranging from new-age marketing on digital channels to post-pandemic e-commerce growth.

The retailers attending the event also learnt about the toolkit for omnichannel retail, how to leverage dark stores in the supply chain and building a profitable D2C business.

Addressing the young entrepreneurs of India there was a discussion on how Gen Z entrepreneurs are building robust online businesses.

“SARAL helps showcase how both leading and budding e-commerce businesses in India are leveraging technology to level up their businesses significantly. It is a unique platform that is designed to provide immense learning opportunities by sharing current adoption and future trends. Hosting SARAL 2022 as a physical event has been energizing after organizing the same as a virtual event over the last two years.”

Mr Kapil Makhija, CEO of Unicommerce said
The e-commerce growth in the post-pandemic era has led to brands realising the importance of improving their operational efficiency and enhancing customer experience to build brand loyalty.
As ecommerce gains momentum across the business landscape, companies will need tech-enabled solutions to manage various aspects of business such as marketing, customer acquisition, and building brand websites, supply chain, last-mile delivery and return management.
Each year, Unicommerce organizes SARAL with a vision of helping businesses strengthen their e-commerce operations.
Unicommerce has enabled over 15000 brands to enhance the post-purchase experience for consumers across the globe.
With a presence in 14 countries, Unicommerce is changing the way e-commerce businesses operate with best-in-class technology.
The company processes over 20% of India’s e-commerce volumes with over 500 million annual transactions amounting to over USD 5 billion GMV.
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