Raptee: Redefining Motorcycle Market with Advanced Technology and Sustainability

Interview with Jayapradeep Vasudevan, Chief Business Officer, Raptee

Raptee is revolutionizing the motorcycle market with its advanced technology and commitment to sustainability. In an exclusive interview, Jayapradeep Vasudevan, Chief Business Officer of Raptee, discusses how the company navigates a market dominated by traditional motorcycles, enhances customer satisfaction, and aligns with global sustainability standards. Discover the unique strategies and insights that set Raptee apart in the competitive landscape.

  • Brand and Marketing: How do you approach marketing for an advanced technology product like Raptee in a market dominated by traditional motorcycles?

When marketing an advanced technology product like Raptee in a market dominated by traditional motorcycles, our approach focuses on communicating the value proposition and benefits for consumers rather than solely emphasizing the technology itself. Compared to traditional ICE motorcycles, our Electric Motorcycles offer a plethora of riding and software benefits, making marketing communication relatively easier.

  • Customer Experience: Could you elaborate on the unique aspects of Raptee’s customer service that enhance user satisfaction and brand loyalty?

Raptee’s customer service aims to enhance user satisfaction and brand loyalty by exceeding expectations throughout the entire customer journey. While most brands excel in the “In-Search” and “In-Store” stages, the automotive industry often faces challenges in after-sales service. Our focus is on providing a seamless post-purchase experience through a hybrid model of online and offline services tailored to customer convenience and preference, thus setting Raptee apart in the market

  • Distribution Strategy: What challenges and opportunities do you foresee in establishing and expanding Raptee’s distribution network both in India and overseas?

Establishing and expanding Raptee’s distribution network presents both challenges and opportunities. In India, we anticipate strong responses from Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities due to their inclination towards higher cc category motorcycles, coupled with the rapid expansion of CCS2 public charging networks. However, rural markets, primarily focused on 100cc commuter motorcycles, may require more time to adapt. Internationally, we plan to initiate expansion after two years of operations in India, targeting India-like Asian markets initially before branching out globally.

  • Leadership Insights: Having led strategic projects at Royal Enfield, how do you apply those experiences to navigating the EV market with Raptee?

Absolutely, the learnings from various projects that I was a part of in my previous roles are very relevant to Raptee as we are trying to offer a mid size premium product with premium experience to the consumers in this segment. 

  • Sustainability Goals: How does Raptee align its operations and products with global sustainability standards, especially concerning manufacturing and materials?
We are committed to leading sustainability initiatives by ensuring our products meet these standards and implementing sustainable practices across all aspects of our operations.
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