Premox Life Saver is looking for investors; partners

Patent pending space-technology invention generates Medical Oxygen on-demand and on-the-spot

LEIDEN, Netherlands, Dacelo, Premox, the Medical Technology Company that filed a patent application with the European Patent Office (EPO) for its cool gas oxygen generation process, announces that it is expecting a positive “International Preliminary Examination Report” on short notice. This positive report makes obtaining a European patent a formality. The patent application was filed May 2020.

The patent concerns the way in which oxygen is generated with inert solids (granulate/powders) in a novel way. A generator device is under development. Dacelo is now looking for investors and business partners that provide seed funding and/or co-development, production and global distribution of the Premox Life Saver generator device.

Rob Eijsvogel, Founder and CEO, Dacelo: “I am always on the lookout for adapting space technology into new applications on earth. With some leading space scientists, I discussed new ways of generating oxygen by the use of solid material. I applied for a European patent for the technology to be used in a portable device for producing and storing high-quality oxygen in First Aid, Safety, and Medical applications on earth.” Premox Life Saver is an easy to handle device that will help many end-users worldwide when they are in need of oxygen.

Oxygen made easy

Fast and easy access to Medical Pure Oxygen could be a matter of life and death. In first aid situations, during accidents and calamities, or on the battlefield. Providing oxygen on location is challenging, as the production of the vital gas is typically centralized in far away production plants. Therefore, logistics are complex and time-consuming.

Oxygen is explosive matter, thus transport and handling of the typical clunky oxygen cylinders could be risky and difficult. “It would be so much better if Medical Pure Oxygen could be generated on the spot and at the time needed. With a device that is easy to use by anyone. And through a cool gas process that does not bring any hazards about. Enter Premox Life Saver. Oxygen made easy. For many users and in many cases,” said Eijsvogel.

Go to market

The Premox innovation is beneficial for a mass market as well as for niche applications. Premox Life Saver standard products will be marketed and distributed through local distribution partners. Premox specialty products will be developed, marketed and distributed through specialized partners.

Dacelo is in the process of building its distribution network.
In the startup/scale-up stage, Dacelo will primarily focus on the following market areas:
First AidSafety, including EEBDs (Emergency Escape Breathing Devices)Healthcare (Cluster Headache/COPD)
Mid 2023 the First Aid & EEBD solutions will be ready for production, at the beginning of 2024 a cluster headache specialized solution will follow and 2nd half of 2024 a COPD specialized solution.
About Dacelo BV
Dacelo, a private medical technology company based in The Netherlands, is in the process of making a revolutionary chemical oxygen generator. With a patent pending technology, oxygen will be readily available for many industries in the need of rapid and pure oxygen. Dacelo’s mission: ‘Make oxygen generators smaller, lightweight, more reliable and safer to operate, anywhere at any time for anyone.”
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