NAVNEET TOPTECH launches TOPCODER, aims to make 1,00,000+ “Student- Programmers

The platform is user friendly and loaded with modules covering algorithmic thinking, the fundamentals of coding, AI, and STEAM concepts.

Students will learn Coding, basics of AI, Machine Learning & S.T.E.A.M concepts

NAVNEET TOPTECH, an emerging edTech powering schools with tech-integrated teaching and learning solutions, today announced the launch of TopCoder, an interactive elearning platform that is built for schools to equip them to teach children of grades 1–10 “how to code.”

TopCoder provides a comprehensive and innovative curriculum, is NCF 2022 compliant and designed to augment formal education. With a concept-based curriculum developed by expert coders and educators, TopCoder teaches students programming languages such as Python, Scratch, CSS, HTML, and more.

The platform is user friendly and loaded with modules covering algorithmic thinking, the fundamentals of coding, AI, and STEAM concepts. It enables teachers to teach, assess, and analyze a child’s learning outcome using dashboards and analytical reports.

Mr. Harshil Gala, CEO, NAVNEET TOPTECH, said, “As India continues to establish itself as a global leader in technology, the acquisition of coding proficiency has become an increasingly vital aspect for students to consider.

A student’s ability to code not only opens doors to a plethora of career opportunities in fields such as software development, data analysis, and artificial intelligence but also instills valuable skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.

The launch of TopCoder in a strategic partnership with Hackberry, is a step towards making students future-ready with skills like coding and programming. We aim to provide a coding curriculum via TopCoder to 1500+ state and central board schools across India in 2023.”

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) incorporated coding and data sciences as skill modules into its curriculum with the goal of simplifying the coding learning experience by encouraging design thinking and a logical flow of ideas.

Topcoder commits to this with its research-based curriculum developed by experts and its 30+ hours of fun and engaging video lectures. With an intention to reform the traditional education system, the company plans to upgrade schools across India with this new-age system by 2023, creating a positive impact for over one lakh students.


NAVNEET TOPTECH is an emerging edtech company focused on providing digital solutions to schools and students in India. Founded in 2008, NAVNEET TOPTECH is an initiative of Navneet FutureTech Limited, a 100 percent subsidiary of Navneet Education Limited.

We strive to innovate and create solutions that will help teachers go beyond the traditional chalk & board method. Our aim is to go beyond the traditional teaching method and stimulate the right learning environment for schools in India.
Trusted by 4000+ schools (CBSE, Maharashtra, and Gujarat boards) across India, we continue to power the future of digital education.
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