Keisuke Honda joined NFT Project “FLOWER LOLITA”!

It is officially announced that KSK Angel Fund LLC will join in the “FLOWER LOLITA” project, an NFT collection originated in Japan and operated by Art Sensor Inc., as an investor and Co-Founder.

NFT is also known as a combination of digital data, which can be owned, and blockchain technology, which cannot be tampered with or altered.

There have been times in the past when celebrities have made headlines as purchasers of NFT collections. However, Keisuke Honda, who is internationally active, has decided to join the management and promotion side of the Collection as a founder for the first time in Japan, and we believe that he will contribute to further raising awareness of and expanding the market.

The future presented by this collection

FLOWER LOLITA is a unique collection consisting of 6,666 NFTs, each with a different expression and ornamentation. This kind of NFT collection is called a generative collection.

Recent examples of generative collections include “Shinsei Galvers,” a domestic project with a total transaction value of approximately 1.3 billion yen, and “Neo Tokyo Punks,” a domestic project with a total transaction value of approximately 400 million yen.

We are confident that “FLOWER LOLITA,” which we are offering this time, has similar market potential, and we also emphasize the importance of the project’s expansion through the activation of the DAO community among its owners.

As part of the roadmap for the stimulation of the DAO community, the creation of 3D art for owners is also planned. In the metaverse space, which is currently expanding its market significantly, 3D art will become indispensable as one’s avatar. The creation of 3D art for the Collection is intended to be based on such future-oriented content.

Furthermore, we feel that the presence of Keisuke Honda, who will be participating in this project, will have a significant impact on the stimulation of the community.

We expect that this project will help to expand awareness of NFT and blockchain to people who have not had contact with these areas before, and will provide them with an opportunity to join the community.

FLOWER LOLITA is a Japan-based NFT project that aims to increase awareness of NFT and blockchain technology, enhance the project, improve the quality of the collection, and return profits to the participants.

About The Team

Atsushi Ishikawa / founder

Representative Director of Art Sensor Inc. He has experience in founding and selling various businesses. He is also involved in contemporary art projects, and is an entrepreneur with a variety of activities such as hosting exhibitions and ART media.

Keisuke Honda / Co-founder

Professional soccer player & coach, entrepreneur and investor. As an investor, he has invested in over 180 domestic and international startups with his personal fund “KSK Angel Fund”. In 2018, he co-founded “Dreamers Fund” with actor Will Smith.

Kenichi Mogi / Blockchain Engineer

Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University Graduate School. Representative of development company Gashfara,Inc. He has experience in original game production at Enix and artificial intelligence development (company acquisition) with SmallTalk. Currently, he teaches at Digital Hollywood Graduate School and is an engineer who invests in various startups as an angel investor.

Hayatti/ adviser

The founder of “Love Addicted Girls,” whose VT exceeded 517 ETH, and “AstarCats,” an NFT project that sold out 4,000 units within 2 minutes of the start at Astar Network, the first project of its kind in Japan. He is also active as an advisor for NFT collections.

Message from Keisuke Honda

I believe that anime and manga, which are well-established in Japanese culture, have a high affinity with NFT and are areas where Japan has a high potential to win. The greatest appeal of the “Flower Lolita” project is its content, and I believe it can compete on a global scale. I am confident that Web3 will continue to expand in the future, and I am looking forward to seeing how NFT will challenge the world first

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