Ink in caps gets the mandate to live stream the 2022 world cup finals

In disneystarverse, powered by v-verse , After successfully creating four Metaverse experiences, Ink In Caps gets the mandate to live-stream the finals of ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in Disneystarverse.

Ink In Caps is an Experience Design-Tech Startup that has been one of the early risers in creating staggering experiences in Metaverse even before it became a buzzword amongst the Brands.

The Brainchild of IIC, V-Verse is a revolutionary metaverse platform that allows users to engage and socialize inside a virtual Universe in an immersive setting, enabling millions of individuals to interact, collaborate, & explore in a single virtual space.

Disney Star Sports has always been an eminent name in the Dominant Sports Broadcaster list, and the launch of Hotstar aided Disney Star Sports to make their mark in the live web streaming of sports too.

Taking the next big leap, Disney Star Sports decided to dive deep into the Metaverse.

For the fifteenth Season of the Indian Premier League, Disney Star Sports partnered with Hotstar and Ink In Caps to create their Metaverse platform for integrating advanced technology in sports streaming techniques.

From Television to the Internet and now to Metaverse, Disney Star Sports has been redefining how sports reach the screens of sports enthusiasts.

The user experience during the IPL was designed in a way to provide gamified experience with conscientiously crafted touchpoints like interaction with Cricket experts in the Studio rooms, Live chat shows between Cricket experts, Photo booths, Cricket quizzes, and a chance to create a Dream team, and display autographs along with other captivating features.

The platform was later updated for the Asia Cup, where a zone was made especially for India v/s Pakistan match.

Disney Star Sports is well prescient of the potential of Metaverse, and so they were all set to create the perfect storm for it to take the flight with Disneystarverse.

The successful execution of this initiative made India step up to being the first country in the World to live-stream a Cricket match in Metaverse.
However appealing this may sound, there are beaucoup technical challenges involved in creating a Metaverse platform that will be catering to the audience nationwide, all at once.
The first major challenge was providing support to the sub-mid range and mid-range mobile phones, with bandwidth limitations adding to the misery.
To combat this challenge, we carefully crafted an environment to minimize the initial load and allocate the other heavy elements as asset bundles on the platform later.
This is done to optimize our server to the extent that the first load is done at the earliest without the user dropping off.
To overcome other challenges involved, we created specific micro-services like mobile-optimized audio calls and multiplayer/communication systems to cater to a large chunk of the concurrent users.
Since Hotstar was integrated into the Disneysarverse platform, scalability wasn’t a battle to be fought.
Further, individual setups were done to handle and store data received from each server. Star Sports also wanted to introduce the platform for both Android and iOS to cater to a larger market.
For this, two dedicated teams were made working hand-in-hand while incorporating all the new features and updates in the platform, one step at a time.
This helped to sync the pipelines and eliminate any hindrances forthwith.

” This is the first time a global sporting event has been streamed in Metaverse, so we were exhilarated, not for being the first, but for executing it the right way. The kind of customer insights generated from this streaming is more worthy than pure gold. I believe this technology is just in the infancy stage, and with strategic data mining, analysis, and result implementation, the maximum potential of this technology would be derived.”

The Founder and Technical Director of Ink In Caps, Mr. Manish Kakkar, said,
Cricket fans logged on to the platform with great enthusiasm to feel the thrill of watching thefinals in Metaverse along with their friends and other fans. Fans were seen exploring the Private Lounge, Fan Park, and Rivalry Zone to stir up the delight of getting easy access tothe Metaverse. After witnessing the triumph of this initiative, we can only imagine what the next big revelation Metaverse holds for us.
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