Garuda Aerospace, in support of NDRF, deploys surveillance and delivery drones to tackle flood situations in Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh

India’s largest drone start-up, Garuda Aerospace, has once again been given a chance to deploy surveillance and delivery drones amid the ongoing floods situations in Gujarat, Vadodara, Guntur, and Andhra Pradesh. The drones are being used to deliver food and necessary medicines.

“After successful implementation of drones to support flood victims in Assam, NDRF has deployed two more Garuda Aerospace teams to tackle the flood situations in Vadodara, Gujarat, and Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, to support NDRF officials with surveillance and delivery drones,” said Agnishwar Jayaprakash Founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace.

“Personally, I feel and believe that drones will soon play a major role in supporting NDRF rescue efforts now and in the future as well. Garuda Aerospace has designed these drones for the delivery purpose for Swiggy, which was used during the Assam floods for delivering essential supplies such as food, water, and medicine to victims and survivors.” said an NDRF official.

Garuda Aerospace has been the preferred drone partner for NDRF since the Covid-19 pandemic. Drones were also used extensively in the Chamoli Glacier Burst Disaster last year in Uttarakhand. “Equipped with 300 drones and over 500 pilots with pan India presence, Garuda Aerospace can surpass any emergency. The ongoing Series A fundraise of $30 million at a $250 million Valuation has made the company strong. Former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has recently invested in the start-up and has become the firm’s Brand Ambassador as well”, concluded Agnishwar Jayaprakash.

About Garuda Aerospace
India’s Most Dependable Drone Start-up Garuda Aerospace is a human-centric brand that is focused on developing low-cost drone solutions to optimize industries through accurate data. Started in 2015, the company has already made a significant mark on the drone industry with Drone-As-A-Software aggregator. This aggregator designs impeccable drones for a myriad of human and industrial needs with offering various drone solutions to the industry. Garuda Aerospace has received national and international recognition for its success in the drone sector.

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