Having a tech-enabled ecosystem to become employer of choice

Here’s what employers can offer to retain employees:

For employees, it’s not only the workload that creates pressure. Having technological challenges, introducing unnecessary processes, and having an environment with no guidance also motivate an employee to move on from a well-paying job. Employees who feel stifled are finding it simpler and more fulfilling to move companies rather than to persist where they are. Here’s what employers can offer to retain the employees:

Enhanced technological support: Upgraded technological support is an issue employees face globally. In a recent study with certain number of employees from Europe and Asia, it was revealed that 26 per cent of employees are considering quitting their jobs because they lack suitable technology. In a post-pandemic world, employees look for a high-performance device that can be utilised to work from anywhere – office or remote. A high-speed laptop with updated software and licensed version of relevant applications and software will be useful. Timely upgradation of the devices is of utmost importance. With any latest device, utilizing original software like Microsoft Office, Adobe, etc. provides smooth workable environment.

Optimise processes to manage business expense: It is critical that employees focus on actual deliverables and not distracted with processes to ensure business expenses are justified. A one-point solution which can help them to file any expense related to business – reimbursement/ travel, etc. – would be preferred by the employees.A lot of times it is experienced that employees do not file their business-related expenses on time. This could be because of lack of understanding of the processes or to save time for work/ personal engagements. This gives undue pressure on the finance teams at the time of financial audit. There are a lot of expense management software provided by companies like SAP Concur to ensure automated the processes to efficiently run the business without any restrictions.

Continuous training and guidance: Employees often experience saturation level in terms of their learning and growth. It is important to provide continuous training to keep up with changing policies and processes. In-system training and guidance can step employees through new learnings and process instead of grinding to a frustrating stop. They learn, adapt and process as they go, resulting in better output.
Feedback and suggestions for an improved workplace: Employees can expect much and vary widely. It can be a moving target. At this point, organizations should conduct regular conversations and surveys about what employees actually feel about the technological support within the organization. An immediate step would be to embed intuitive feedback tools within the technology solutions to collect feedback, respond, and adjust. This will ensure maintaining a positive image within the workforce.  
Conclusion: Smart solutions for a smarter world is the need of the hour. Businesses are best served with right technological support provided to the employees. This will not only ensure uninterrupted support but will continued interest to be associated with the organization. Needless to say, word of mouth plays an important role in attracting and retaining the workforce.
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