Garuda Aerospace breaks a record by mapping 7000 communities with drones

Garuda Aerospace has successfully mapped 7,000 villages in Uttar Pradesh under the Svamitva Scheme, demonstrating its commitment to India's agri economy and farmers.

Garuda Aerospace has successfully mapped 7,000 villages in Uttar Pradesh under the Svamitva Scheme, demonstrating its commitment to India’s agri economy and farmers.

The tender was won by the fast-growing drone start-up from the nodal agency, The Survey of India, in September 2021.

According to the tender, Garuda Aerospace was authorised to deploy drones for large-scale mapping and digitization of land records in rural areas, thereby providing landowners and farmers with accurate digital land certificates and a unique ID that allows them to obtain a layout of their entire land with precise and all information.

Garuda Aerospace, the recipient of the largest order, deployed 15 fixed-wing drones to map at a speed of 8 to 10 square kilometres per hour.

Garuda Aerospace aspires to be a key contributor to the Prime Minister’s objective of digitising land records and reducing disputes linked with abuse of land or property through the Svamitva Scheme.

Garuda Aerospace has successfully mapped 7,000 villages out of the 1,40,000 villages, the most villages mapped by any drone firm in a year.

Garuda Aerospace intends to improve farming operations by enhancing technology, lowering expenses, and providing drone loans and subsidies.

“We at Garuda Aerospace are really proud as we had a chance to achieve the government’s dream of providing landowners with their rights and also mapping and digitising land records, In the previous year, we have completed over 7000 villages in UP and hope to deploy drones and target a few more villages in the next months. We introduced a fixed-wing drone that looks like an aeroplane with wings and can cover a large area in minutes; the drone is also equipped to spray fertiliser on land, saving farmers time and safeguarding them from toxic chemicals.These are also AI and ML enabled for mapping. We hope to empower the agricultural community, will continue to deploy our drone for mapping, and will collaborate closely to develop new and improved solutions in order to fulfil our PMs vision.”

said Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO of Garuda Aerospace

Garuda Aerospace recently commenced its $30 million Series A round at $250 million valuation.

Former Indian cricket team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has invested and is also the Brand Ambassador of the company.

Garuda Aerospace boasts of a drone fleet of 400 drones and a well-trained team of over 500 pilots across 26 different cities.

About Garuda Aerospace

The Most Reliable Drone Startup in India Garuda Aerospace is a human-centered brand dedicated to producing low-cost drone solutions that optimise industries through reliable data.
Since its inception in 2015, the company has made a huge impact on the drone market as a Drone-As-A-Software aggregator.
This aggregator creates flawless drones for a wide range of human and industrial demands, as well as providing numerous drone solutions to the industry.
Garuda Aerospace has gained national and worldwide acclaim for its achievements in the drone industry.
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