Dozee and Midmark to launch India’s first intelligent connected bed to improve the public healthcare system

Studies show that continuous monitoring in non-ICU environments has a clear impact on providing improved critical care and timely medical intervention to the patient.

This new generation technology is the outcome of embedding state-of-the-art contactless sensors and AI-powered algorithms from Dozee coupled with Midmark’s hospital bed platforms complying with global quality standards.

A patient in a hospital spends a major amount of time on a hospital bed, so designing a hospital bed that can precisely integrate the next generation custom sensors coupled with cloud-enabled AI-powered algorithms is the most efficient and effective method to automate and digitalize patient monitoring.

The intelligent connected bed is one of the most significant breakthroughs in India’s journey to create a world-class connected healthcare system to deliver quality healthcare to a billion Indians. Midmark’s superior design thinking with Dozee’s patented contactless sensors powered with cloud-enabled AI and Early Warning System (EWS) will be the bedrock for powering next-generation connected hospitals in India.

In this regard, Mudit would be happy to deep dive into:
Importance of made-in-India connected beds with integrated continuous vitals monitoring and how it vastly improves patient safety, care efficiency, and clinical outcomes.

How an intelligent connected bed can monitor vital parameters such as heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, ECG, and temperature. And how it offers an Early Warning System (EWS) that provides alerts to the concerned health care providers for timely intervention.
How critical information can help healthcare professionals make data-backed, swift clinical decisions. Building long-term transformation in India’s public healthcare infrastructure.

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