Devic Earth has been granted a patent in India for its Pulsed radio frequency air pollution

Devic Earth, a Bengaluru-based business, has received its first Indian patent. For its pulsed radio wave-based ambient air pollution control technology, the company applied for a patent in 2020, which resulted in a successful acquisition on July 19, 2022.

This achievement will now allow our technology to reduce ambient air pollution in India for the next 20 years, bringing clean air to all.

Devic’s Pure Skies Earth is one of the few technologies that uses pulsed pulses in the WIFI spectrum to reduce both indoor and especially outdoor air pollution.

This flagship gadget, which has been patented by the Government of India’s Patent Office, uses pulsed radio frequency to create a temporary charge on Particulate Matter in the air, causing particles to collide, become entangled, and fall to the ground.

“We are pleased to have achieved such acclaim for our ambient air pollution reduction technology, Pure Skies, This official recognition is inspiring for the team since it demonstrates how innovation and substantial initiatives may lead to remarkable feats. With this victory, we have taken another step toward our goal of saving a million lives per year and making clean air available to all.”

stated Dr. Srikanth Sola, CEO and Co-founder of Devic Earth.

With remarkable outcomes, the technology has demonstrated tremendous success with Environment & Sustainability leaders across heavy industries and, more recently, smart cities.

Pure Skies has showed reductions in PM2.5 and PM10 levels, the primary and most hazardous air pollutants. Pure Skies considerably reduces PM2.5 and PM10 levels by 33-90%.

This makes it an excellent solution for factories, filthy streets, and any other area where ambient air pollution is a problem.

Obtaining a patent in India would provide additional opportunities as well as an advantage in a competitive industry.

The company’s manufacturing unit is located in the central office in Bangalore, and it employs approximately 40 people, including the research and development department.

Devic Earth will shortly deploy the second version of its ambient air pollution management technology, Pure Skies 2.0, as a result of this achievement.

The company guarantees double the reduction, economy, and performance. Devic Earth is committed to saving a million lives from air pollution and to being the world leader in green technology for clean air.

About Devic Earth:

Devic Earth is a green technology business based in Bengaluru that provides disruptive, user-friendly, and inventive solutions to the problem of air pollution.
Pure Skies by Devic Earth is a flagship product that employs pulsed radio waves technology to put a brief charge on particulate matter in the air, causing it to collide, become heavier, and fall to the ground, clearing air-borne contaminants.
Customers include Fortune 500 firms in heavy sectors and smart cities, and the company has provided 20 million square metres of clean air in the last four years.
The firm, a Made-in-India brand, has recently expanded to Chile and France.
Devic Earth is now revolutionizing the way we breathe clean air by offering all the benefits of the state-of-the-art Pure Skies solution as a simple subscription can help world leaders take their next leap towards ESG goals.
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