CREDUCE signs an agreement with TraceX Technologies to provide a 100% carbon-neutral product

CREDUCE, a provider of Carbon Credits Origination and Offset solutions, and TraceX Technologies, a leader in end-to-end product origination and traceability solutions, have collaborated to create a product that enables product traceability, carbon footprint mapping, and offsetting solutions using Web 3.0 and Blockchain.

The two big names signed the MoU with the goal of developing a domestic product that will enable consumers to utilise 100% carbon-neutral items and track their origins using a QR Code.

  • The solution will assist in the acceleration of the complete product lifecycle, from origin through finished items to final customer.
  • With thorough carbon footprint mapping, it will assist to create trust and loyalty while inspiring action.

The solution will help trace the product’s lifecycle from origin to finished good and end result with the consumer.

It will be the sole digital source of truth for products, revealing the complete carbon footprint mapping at every stage. The companies will benefit from the speedy and automated resolution of incidents, withdrawals and product recall.

The goal is to achieve transparency about every sourced ingredient and asses carbon, water and methane footprint.

The manufacturers and sourcing partners can nullify the product’s 360° footprint with a single click and use World’s First Super Sustainable Blockchain Token, Kichee Token.

“With TraceX Tech, we are building a solution that will help companies create circular, sustainable supply chain that saves time and money and helps the environment by producing carbon and environmentally-neutral product. The companies will be able to secure brand reputation, protect consumers’ right to consume an environmentally positive product, and fight counterfeits with supply chain data. We look forward to seeing the world reap the benefits of this partnership.”

Shailendra Singh Rao, Founder of CREDUCE and a Climateur, said,

“TraceX Technologies is grateful for all the collaborations that bring us one step closer to our purpose. Our recent partnership has ensured we are on a rewarding and fun journey with CREDUCE and Kichee Token towards a collaborative mission.”

Anil Nadig, CoFounder at TraceX Technologies, said,

The Beta version and proof of work are being tested, and both companies will use their respective expertise to finalise the user-ready product shortly.


CREDUCE is a macro-scale organization headquartered in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), with the recommendable expertise of highly qualified & seasoned professionals.

With 12000+ MW renewable energy and other projects, and 500+ Clients, Creduce is distinctively recognized as one of India’s eminent and leading knowledge and technology-based service provider.

The domain of services is focused on various Renewable Energy, Environment, and Climate Change Mitigation advisory & Carbon credits development and trading services in the versatile domains.

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