India’s Cosmo Speciality Chemicals launches eco-friendly Wetofast range for all kinds of textile

Wetofast range consists of three products- Wetofast GN, Wetofast LOR and Wetofast LD

Mumbai, 21 April 2022: Cosmo Speciality Chemicals, a 100% subsidiary of Cosmo Films Ltd. announces the launch of Wetofast range- a completely eco-friendly solution to maintain high quality of fabrics.

The range introduces three new products – Wetofast GN, a pretreatment of all fibers, Wetofast LOR which helps to remove oils, waxes and greasy impurities effectively, and Wetofast LD which confirms high absorbency to textile goods after bleaching process. These products are APEO and NPEO free, and will be available across Indian/global market.

Wetofast GN is a nonionic agent which can be used for pretreatment of all fibers but particularly for natural and regenerated cellulosic, wool, and synthetic fibers and their blends. With very good wetting and emulsion properties, it poses a very good stability to alkali, acids and enzymes. Being good resistant to oxidative and reductive agents, it can be diluted in cold as well as warm water. 1.0-1.5% dose for exhaust application is recommended for Wetofast GN. The product is APEO and NPEO free.

Wetofast LOR is an agent with excellent emulsification power which helps to remove oils, waxes and greasy impurities effectively. Especially suitable for Lycra blended fabric to emulsify the oil and ease of extraction, it confirms high rewetting property to textile goods after bleaching process. Free from enzyme poison, it’s an APEO and NPEO free product and is exclusively recommended for continuous process where quick wetting is required to get sufficient pick-up for heavy gsm fabrics like twills. 0.5-1.0% dose for exhaust and 2-5g/l for continuous application are the recommended dosages for Wetofast LOR.

Wetofast LD is a wetting agent which confirms high absorbency to textile goods after bleaching process and is suitable for all types of fabrics. It helps in removing oils and waxes effectively. With good soil suspending properties the agent is an APEO and NPEO free product. Being good resistant to oxidative and reductive agents, it is free from enzyme poison and posses a good stability to alkali and acids. 0.7-1.0% dose for exhaust application is recommended for Wetofast LD

On the introduction of three new products, Mr. Anil Gaikwad, Business Head, Cosmo Specialty Chemicals said, “With an aim to constantly innovate for a better & safer tomorrow, we are thrilled to announce three new eco-friendly products under the Wetofast range. From Pre-wash to wash and conditioning post-wash, our R&D team has specially equipped the products with properties to maintain good quality and ensure extended span of usage for all kinds of textile.”

Backed up by technical know-how and long-term experience in textile processing, formulations of anionic, cationic, non-ionic, and amphoteric surfactants, Cosmo Speciality Chemicals have a unique and strong experience in Speciality textile chemicals. The R & D facility is equipped with sophisticated analytical instrumentations including SEM-EDS, TGA-MS, DMA, FTIR & imaging IR, DSC & optical microscope, etc. which helps the company develop products at a molecular level.

About Cosmo Speciality Chemicals
Cosmo Speciality Chemicals is a 100% subsidiary of Cosmo Films Ltd with strong research capabilities to provide best and the most competitive products through innovations based on sustainable science to its customers. The Company is into Speciality polymers & textile chemicals and has so far added 56 products in their portfolio.
About Cosmo Films Limited
Established in 1981 and founded by Mr. Ashok Jaipuria, Cosmo Films today is a global leader in specialty films for packaging, lamination, labeling and synthetic paper. With engineering of innovative products and sustainability solutions, Cosmo Films over the years has been partnering with worlds’ leading F&B and personal care brands and packaging & printing converters to enhance the end consumer experience. Its customer base is spread in more than 100 countries with sales & manufacturing units in India and Korea and additionally sales & distribution base in Japan, USA, Canada and Europe.
The Company is strategically expanding beyond Films into Specialty Chemicals & Polymers as well as Pet care business.
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