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COVID 19 and the Lockdown effort have changed the Business’s choice to create a challenging design

Planet People Purpose Processes create us Visionary to guide & help each & everyone to reach their Untapped Targets to move close to their goals or Destiny with multi facts Dreamed Audiences with the breaking highlighted News – Dr. SAS.

By Dr. Suresh A Shan

COVID 19 and the Lockdown effort have changed the Business’s choice to create a challenging design

Planet People Purpose Processes create us Visionary to guide & help each & everyone to reach their Untapped Targets to move close to their goals or Destiny with multi facts Dreamed Audiences with the breaking highlighted News – Dr. SAS.

An unknown Ethics to Understand from a known Epic. This article I would want to dedicate to those for My Media Friends, who inspired me a lot to read & write such a living substance, which creates a unique value in our forced social Distancing Community that too during this lockdown & after Post COVID 19. Sure & should Create a New Chapter which unfolds for a New Story to be written or told. To flourish & celebrate a Fresh Start after every sad time is passing by. An unstoppable journey, lockdown for more than 3months, and a Great Beginning and a brighter future, We all are happy to share this new world of humanity with a compilation of Ideas to inspire and bring a smile and reaffirm the power of Belief Behaviour Binary Business Best Benefits. In the digital Future, Let all of us First Fill our Live Long Love Life’s with Laughter, good health & desired wealth to create a tapestry of good memories woven by the treads of home alone and feel to be Family togetherness. Such Elements’ scope initiates with E-business, where it uses less of Electronics and delivers More & More of faced Emotions. Create value and meaning of lifelong love life with Expected Emotions. The entire world forced to move towards the affected people and run towards getting out of enormous problems not to lose any living beings, just like that informed Prittle Prattle News reporter.

The entire digital world seems to be stopped and felt how we should drive towards the healthy Future. Created as many positives and build the expectations to serve and deliver the best. Time & Tide to let Humanity Digital Transformation do its own Compute job. In good olden days & Maximum Times, the Corporate End Users Continue to Complain about IT being a Discomfort Powered Pain Point. But during quarantine, the entire shift from End users to feel and listen to understand IT is the only way for both individuals and the corporate to survive in this medical crisis. Now IT sees the Business and compliances as its blockage, and now IT chooses the secured ways to drive and compute It. The Global markets and the local environments going More & More Digital, even the governments related to the common normal man, will receive recovery Schemes & the committed products if he digitally equipped to communicate and compute IT.

Now, this is the chance to change the choice of Digital Technology to build what the normal common man would want, based on the emerging new unique localized Technologies, which is affordable and available from some external environments. At least now, we should listen to understand to align IT & Business keeping in mind the End Customer fundamentally related Basics, almost cleared clarified and merged to local aspirations. The lockdown at put us into so many best ways to go ahead with IT stitches Business perfect combination. By stitch exactly the final interest we would want to do forever, never give up.

Now IT updates and upgrades the Real Rural Business by feeding those areas of Customer IT. This stitch between Business & IT wouldn’t be so easy or possible without Customer IT impacting Corporate IT. The Research states main by improving the IT couldn’t be possible without breaking ongoing IT Stitch Business moving from Corporate Digital to Customer Digital. The Real Rural Art of living on humanity transformed after this lockdown a lot in the mindsets of the maximum Corporate Community. The current scenarios have the choice to change the challenge, not to mention, but the fact is the business base owned from internal Technology converted and transformed digitally to external Technology, which isn’t owned and mastered earlier now it is happening. Even though a severe thought to Consumer IT allows the Creation of New Unique Customer IT stitch with business opportunities irrespective of the remote rural nature, the Customer IT is the “Only” way of life to a Technological Means and methods of design to compute on. Good olden days, it debated identifying the tech which should force to get used because of the cost, or model, or the culture, or no technology or even the attitude towards Technology. After COVID 19, the Research states Customer IT has changed the entire IT demands and needs, even the dependable IT Infra-structure. IT Model towards End Customer IT is going to be unique and different in our Country. Customer, IT will create a reliable and stable sustainable forced Digital Business, which has to be re-designed for its own for the new Customer IT.

COVID 19 and the Lockdown effort have changed the Business’s choice to create a challenging design to a fresh start-up re-connection or re-join the decoupling set forced accepted methodology.

For all the Indians, now is an exceptional time and Tide to explore a new said path transitioning to multiple professions and starting a new business to numerous profit positions. It’s purely and surely an excellent time for an individual personality’s choice to change the challenge. After the post-COVID 19, this is the significant disruption in the World Economy, is the perfect time to consider a positive change. It’s the right relevant time to revisit our self skills & see how we can realign ourselves to the disaster market dynamic demand. Said to the Prittle Prittle News.

The real rural opportunity is to start a new Customer digital business since the supply and demand will create the pulse of new possibilities. The post-COVID 19 will replace the traditional ways of working with the latest methods, and models using the re-skill multi-tasking reinvent ourselves and pivot into multiple new occupations will be visible, and force has seen best placed. Being an Indians change after COVID 19 settles down, let us choose change to challenge as one door closes, another opens for Us, the past has demonstrated very clearly with every massive crisis always comes with the beginnings of a future chance of opening an opportunity. We are considering the right amount of time for Quarantine forces all of us for a choice of change to challenge. The lockdown as created the necessity acts involve finding a unique live long love life a meaning and calculated Risk with purpose. It is the right time if we are skilled, and our dreams do have passionate about & the value we bring to this task. We will be amazed to know about ourselves built over many years, realizing 24/7 commitment. Post-COVID 19, let the discovery process of identifying own self, scan the dynamic market with the expected global economy moving with several movements, and COVID 19 created new styles trends & opportunities exist.

Try to decide on your potentials related to how we can contribute more is the exception to be tested. Let us create multiple plans to work out to create a brand of our fitting into numerous areas. Let us work out a strategy on the high values we do possess and why and when the unique differentiator compared best. Create a competent positive individual with elastic, flexible, innovative, disruptive fitting into multiple walls & blocks. Let us capitalize on available and affordable opportunities. Let us try starting very small within the calculated limiting risk. Let us plan properly to pursue our passion.

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